“In the service of her Majesty”: JLR will help in the fight against COVID-19

“In the service of her Majesty”: JLR will help in the fight against COVID-19


To combat the global pandemic COVID-19 Jaguar Land Rover starts production of 3D-printed protective visors. Using the expertise of computer-aided design and design, the company produces this equipment for staff of the National health service of England (NHS).

Because of the national shortage of means of individual protection for NHS staff, key personnel received injuries due to the use of uncomfortable equipment or work without protective clothing. To assist the UK Government in confronting the pandemic, Jaguar Land Rover has transformed operations and began the manufacture of the necessary protective equipment.

A prototype of a reusable shield printed in the center of the creation of the modern products in Gidona, where one of the most advanced technologies of 3D-printing in Europe. The design was developed through consultation with a team of medical professionals, before printing it is approved in the NHS.


Cooperating with such companies as at Pro2Pro Telford, Jaguar Land Rover plans to produce 5 000 cameras per week for units of the NHS in the UK.

The production process started on 31 March, in Warwickshire, visors pre-tested together with a team of health care professionals. Rapid prototyping engineers week has developed several iterations of the design, and the staff joined in to improve.

Now the engineers of the Centre for development of additive technologies to produce visors, negotiate with suppliers and partners to increase the volume of production for mass consumption. Jaguar Land Rover plans to open files on design cameras is for developers of additive technologies and suppliers. This will help to develop more zashitnik cameras in the coming weeks.

Each visor is designed to be reusable, it is easily removed and disinfected before the next use. Repeated consumption will help to avoid future product shortage.

The transparent flap is manufactured using chemically resistant polycarbonate that is processed mnogosloinoi machine. Used the most advanced processes of laser sintering, ink-jet synthesis and simulation of layer-by-layer fused deposition modeling. The team has determined the optimal length of the visor below the upper part was convenient for putting on and long-lasting use. A reliable elastic strap from the company of the Coventry Beacon Trimmings – secures the flap, which is easily removable without risk to health.

Ben Wilson, Manager for the development of additive technologies and prototypes of Jaguar Land Rover, told us more. The team tested various materials, several iterations had perfected the design through consultation with experienced physicians with the first line of the confrontation of the pandemic. “This allowed us to create something unique with an important purpose. A powerful team of Jaguar Land Rover, along with many features of computer design and 3D printing, will continue to do everything possible to help doctors,” concluded Wilson.


Also, Jaguar Land Rover invited the Government of the UK research knowledge, digital engineering and design, technology, 3D printing and artificial intelligence. At the same time, the company will support developers and suppliers of equipment for artificial lung ventilation machines.

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