In the style of Musk: Tesla Model X with machine guns and a coffee machine

In the style of Musk: Tesla Model X with machine guns and a coffee machine


American premium coffee company Black Rifle Coffee Company has unveiled its new advertising vehicle. Since the founder of the company, Evan Heifer, is a veteran of special operations in Iraq and Afghanistan, the car, in this case the Tesla Model X, received a swamp-green body paint, and at the same time – two rapid-firing miniguns that slide out of the passenger compartment when the doors are opened. In this case, the electric car can be used as a mobile coffee shop, since a coffee machine was installed in its trunk.

Black Rifle Coffee Company intends to use Model X at coffee shop openings and other promotional events. Visitors should be attracted by the army’s paint job, rivets on the fenders, an ice tray under the hood and a coffee machine in the trunk, with which the company can demonstrate the quality of its products. But the main attention will be drawn to the miniguns in the cabin, leaving on a signal from the remote control.

Judging by the video, the machine guns are not props. This is a Profense PF556, designed for a 5.56 × 45 NATO cartridge and equipped with a programmable control unit. The effective firing range of such miniguns is 900 meters. Rate of fire – from 600 to 4000 rounds per minute.

The machine guns are installed on a platform that took the place of the second row of seats. It is designed in such a way as to withstand not only the weight of the weapon itself, but also to extinguish recoil.

In 2018, Black Rifle built the Toyota Prius with a six-barreled machine gun that fires 6,600 rounds per minute. It took 160 hours to build this machine.

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