In the U.S. came up with how to charge electric cars right while driving

In the U.S. came up with how to charge electric cars right while driving


Scientists at Cornell University in the USA are developing this technology, which will help solve the problem with recharging car batteries.

Now the ubiquitous distribution of electric cars is hampered by one important problem – charging the battery. There are fewer charging stations than required, and for many this is a strong argument against.

American scientists have figured out how to get rid of this problem. To replenish your energy reserve, you do not need to search for the nearest charging station. The electric car will replenish its battery life while driving. This is the essence of the project to create an infrastructure for wireless charging of electric cars on the roads of the United States.

Roads are proposed to be equipped with special charging lanes. All you have to do is pull out into such a lane and continue driving to recharge the electric car.

The system identifies the car, and then the owner will receive an invoice. But the widespread use of such “smart” bands will have to wait 10-15 years, scientists say.

While developing an innovative technology for wireless charging of electric cars, American scientists turned to the experience of Nikola Tesla. About a century ago, he caused off-grid lanterns to shine using alternating electric fields.

American scientists propose to build special metal plates into the roadbed, which will be connected to power lines and a high-frequency inverter. It is these plates that will create the necessary alternating electric fields that will interact with the plates on the bottom of electric cars. Today, thanks to new technology, it will be possible to fully charge the battery of a small electric car (for example, the Nissan Leaf) in 4-5 hours.

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