In the U.S. the charging stations Tesla, there was a huge queue

In the U.S. the charging stations Tesla, there was a huge queue


No sooner had American motorists to depart from the long traffic jams that occurred because of thanksgiving, as there was a new problem: crowded stations Supercharger, which can recharge a Tesla. For example, one of them has accumulated fifty wanting to connect the machine to the outlet.

In Facebook is gaining popularity video, shot on one of the Supercharger stations in California – there there was a queue of more than 50 electric vehicles. Such a stir due to the fact that the point charge is located halfway from Los Angeles to San Francisco.

When you regret your Tesla. #tesla Kettleman City, CA I-5

Neditch Stellini Shanon published Saturday, November 30, 2019.

Even the presence of 40 charging racks do not solve the problem: the fact that the more electric vehicles simultaneously connected to the outlet, the slower charging speed in all stations. Accordingly, the wait time increases, drive new cars, and the drivers have to take their turn.


A similar situation occurred on thanksgiving in the evening rush hour in another California city, San Luis Obispo. In the queue at the local Supercharger station, the witness counted 15 Tesla.

Only in United States there are 1636 stations Supercharger. In the nearest plans of Tesla to expand the network of charging points new generation who are capable in just five minutes to charge three electric vehicle Model 3.

If you’ve ever had to stand in a long queue at the gas station?

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