In the UK, electric cars drive more than cars on gasoline

In the UK, electric cars drive more than cars on gasoline


Peugeot’s UK office conducted a study that found that electric cars travel more kilometers per week than gasoline-powered cars. The difference is still small – only 16 kilometers – but Peugeot is confident that the results of the study have confirmed the suitability of electric vehicles not only for short trips. At the same time, the main reason for refusing to buy “green” cars is still the cost.

As Peugeot analysts have found out, the greatest distance per week is covered by cars equipped with hybrid power plants – 204 kilometers. The second place was taken by cars with diesel internal combustion engines with an average result of 151 kilometers. Electric cars with a 146-kilometer weekly mileage were in third place, overtaking gas-powered cars, which measure only 130 kilometers.

Less than 18 percent of ICE car owners said they had to drive more than 320 kilometers (200 miles) per week. Thus, the authors of the study note, most drivers would be well suited to modern electric cars that travel more without recharging: for example, the Peugeot e-208 is able to cover 349 kilometers on a full battery in the WLTP cycle.

Despite this, the range remains one of the main factors stopping drivers from switching to “green” cars. So, the main reason for it was named by 36 percent of Britons who prefer internal combustion engines. More than half (53 percent) noted the high cost of electric vehicles, and another 43 percent – the lack of developed infrastructure.

It is the last aspect that is the main reason for abandoning electric cars after buying them, Californian scientists have found. It turned out that almost 20 percent of owners of “battery” cars are returning to cars with traditional motors due to insufficient number of charging stations.

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