In the United States, a train rammed a car carrier (video)

In the United States, a train rammed a car carrier (video)


In the US state of Oklahoma, a passenger train collided with an auto transporter stuck at the crossing. The blow was so strong that one of the SUVs was thrown upward, and the other cars were scattered on opposite sides of the road.

According to the Love County Fire Department, the collision injured five passengers on the train – they were taken to hospital with minor injuries. The truck driver was not injured, his dog managed to jump out of the car before the train hit and was also not injured. According to the local sheriff, by the time the special services arrived, the driver was in a state of shock.

The recording made by the driver behind the car transporter truck shows a man standing next to the rails before the collision and waving his hands in an attempt to warn the driver. However, the train was moving at high speed and demolished an obstacle, from which the cars flew in different directions. Photos from the scene show various vehicles that have turned into scrap metal.

Due to the collision, the train derailed and damaged the track. Passengers were transported to nearby destinations by charter vehicles of the Amtrak carrier company. Some were taken away by friends and relatives. After inspecting the train, some of the cars were towed in the opposite direction to Fort Worth station.

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