In the US the motorcyclist was hit by a deer

In the US the motorcyclist was hit by a deer


Unusual incident with the motorcyclist occurred in the United States. In the state of Texas near the town of Columbus, a member of competitions in races on the road at a distance of 40 miles Texas State Championship Enduro Circuit was suddenly knocked off the bike… the deer.

The incident was caught on video – a friend of the pilot, who also participated in the race, filmed all on a GoPro camera. The record shows, as a 27-year-old Wesley Gastin is on track, and suddenly he jumps out of bushes a deer. After the collision, the beast rolled over several times, was again on his feet and ran into the woods.


Most Gastino later a back injury and a slight concussion, not including bruises and abrasions. The current status of the pilot are not reported.

“I was just in shock. In real life this things are not like in the video that I then watched”, – shared his feelings about Gastin.

“I saw something brown in his peripheral vision, right eye, and then the deer struck Wesley in the chest and sped away. I think he’s somewhere sleeping in the bushes, and any other driver just shooed him away,” recalls friend Gastina, which all took off, Justin Byrd. In the race Gastin is not finished, getting a deer DNF.

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