In the US, the number of deaths from harmful emissions of cars has significantly decreased

In the US, the number of deaths from harmful emissions of cars has significantly decreased


According to a study by Harvard University, the number of deaths associated with vehicle emissions has dropped significantly over the past decade.

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A report entitled “The Health Benefits of Reducing Road Transport Emissions in the United States from 2008 to 2017” was recently published in the journal Proceedings of the United States National Academy of Sciences.

Thus, the number of deaths as a result of harmful vehicle emissions decreased from 27,700 cases in 2008 to 19,800 in 2017. The study found that the number of deaths not only fell by almost eight thousand in nine years – if cars had the same level of emissions as in 2008, then in 2017 the number of fatalities would be 2.4 times higher. And during the research period, there would have been 47,520 lives lost.

In addition, the document states that as a result of improving the health of the population, the United States saved $ 270 billion. However, while the reduction in emissions brought some health benefits, the economic benefits could have been greater.

“Despite significant progress in reducing emissions, there is a counterbalancing effect from population growth and larger vehicles,” said Ernani Choma, an environmental health researcher at Harvard and lead author of the study. “Therefore, it will be difficult to make significant progress unless we introduce stricter rules.”

What’s more, the environmental impact of improvements in the auto industry is not nearly as significant as the health benefits. According to experts, approaches to reducing emissions from transport are more focused on combating air pollution, rather than climate change.

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