In the warehouse discovered a batch of new Ford Excursion, which stood for 15 years

In the warehouse discovered a batch of new Ford Excursion, which stood for 15 years


Ten new Ford Excursion discovered in a warehouse in the United Arab Emirates. Full-size body-on-frame SUVs Ford stood without movement for at least 15 years after production of the Excursion was discontinued in 2005.

The eyewitness who reported an unusual collection Excursion, I could not find out details about the owner of the SUV and the reasons why cars remain stationary for 15 years. Unknown connoisseur of American cars has reserved four white, four black and two sand Excursion. Eight SUVs under the hood is a 6.8-liter V10 atmospheric with a capacity of 310 horsepower, two 325-horsepower diesel V8 6.0 Power Stroke.


Excursion – the largest SUV Ford. Length – the 5760 millimeters. The model is three-spar frame from a heavy truck F-250, suspension – dependent, spring, bridges – continuous. In addition to the petrol and diesel V10 6.8 V8 6.0 under the hood was mounted 7.3-liter diesel and petrol V8 5.4-liter motor of the same configuration.

In the six years of Excursion production Ford has never officially sold the model in Asia, so the owner of the SUV had to bring the machines from overseas. In 2005, the price of Ford Excursion ranged from 40 to 50 thousand dollars, so 15 years ago a collector had to spend on the car about half a million dollars.

Interestingly, despite the love for luxury and customization among customers from Dubai, unknown to the owner of the party Excursion rather conventional modifications without tuning. This approach will allow to earn on the resale of SUVs, if the owner decides to part with the collection, judging by the market for used Excursion in the United States, well-maintained diesel car is estimated at 40 thousand dollars. Instances with zero mileage will cost even more.


The lack of mileage is not a synonym for the ideal condition of the car, if it is not passed the procedure of conservation, because for 15 years on SUVs probably failed fuel system, the tires deteriorated and require replacement of rubber hoses and seals. However, it is unlikely that the owner of the Excursion needs money, so the car can idle without traffic more than one year.

What would you do with such a find?

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