In the winery the ambulance tore down a cyclist with headphones in a crosswalk

In the winery the ambulance tore down a cyclist with headphones in a crosswalk

In Vinnytsia there was a terrible traffic accident in which a car help hit moving road cyclist. The girl with multiple injuries was delivered to intensive care.

14-year-old girl decided to move to road Biking. At this point, the roadway was moving the ambulance. The victim wasn’t convinced of safety of the maneuver and eventually ended up under the wheels of an old “Gazelle”.

At the moment when she appeared on the road, the driver has almost no chance to avoid the collision. Gazelle moved down to the dividing traffic island, where he hit a cyclist, stretching her along for a few yards. Eyewitnesses reported that a minor was in the headphones, therefore, was physically unable to hear warning signals to the vehicle. Arrived at the scene, another ambulance, and hospitalized child. So, amid the white of the day, ignoring multiple rules of the SDA, the teenager suffered multiple injuries. First, the cyclist had to ensure the safety of crossing the roadway. Secondly, the SDA States that crossing the road with a Bicycle, you must dismount and roll it around.

Unfortunately, very often such situations occur because of pedestrians. People neglect the written and unwritten rules of behavior on the roadway. Sometimes it seems that pedestrians forget that cars are composed of iron and to cause serious injury enough speed 40 km/h.

“Pedestrian, remember, dying in the crosswalk – you were right”, – says a popular proverb. Why people are willing so easily to give his life in the hands of a totally unknown driver? It turns out that in many cases, it depends on him the fate of the pedestrian. Will the driver slow down? In time you will react? Substituting your car under attack, noting that a motorist from the next row does not see the pedestrian and is not going to slow down? That is why we kindergarten teachers say: look, wait until the driver will stop, once again reinsurance.

Accident in Vinnytsia

In the winery, “soon” just got off the road 14-year-old cyclist. The girl did not go, and crossed the street, and had my headphones on and had not heard the siren. She’s in the ICU with multiple injuries. Follow the traffic rules, the transition is still no guarantee of safety!

Published Today, Wednesday, 5 June 2019

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