In Tokyo the new concept Lexus LF-30

In Tokyo the new concept Lexus LF-30


The concept car has in its Arsenal four electric motors with a total capacity of 544 horsepower.

The concept Lexus LF-30 has a futuristic body design, with a length of 5090 mm. Japanese hatchback of the future has given upward opening doors. Also, the car has a Central grid in the form of an hourglass and firm figure running lights.


In the cabin Lexus LF-30 has four individual seats. For the front passenger there is a personal touch screen with gestures. For music meets the complex Mark Levinson. Panoramic concept has a built-in display and thanks to the SkyGate, it can show different information.

The vehicle Lexus LF-30 there are four motor, total output reaches 544 HP and a maximum torque of 700 Nm. Battery capacity is 110 kW*h to mount the WLTP cycle concept can travel on one charge up to 500 km. the First “hundred” LF-30 takes only 3.8 seconds, and its “maximum speed” is limited at around 200 km/h.

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