In Ukraine, prices for gasoline and dispalivo

In Ukraine, prices for gasoline and dispalivo


The Ministry of Economy on the cob of the war has updated the average fuel and diesel fuel. So, gasoline costs 5 UAH. per liter to UAH 38.97, and dispaly to UAH 9. up to UAH 39.9

Proceed to visit the ministry’s website. Due to the improvement of the border markup, the liter of gasoline and diesel fuel will probably increase to UAH 43.52 and UAH 44.9.

“Zgіdimy Zimogami Paragraph 414 Decision Kab_netu Mіnіstіv Ukraine Vіd 09.12.2020 №1236″ About Astrained by Quarantine Suppoded by Society of Protepіdemichnykh Nakhodіv З Methods PUBLINE ROPPOVENNYA ATORITORIA MOSCHANIA GOSTORY RESERITINGO YOUR KOROROBI COVID-19 dated 11.03.2022 No. 16/2-49-22) the middle grade of 1 liter of diesel fuel ULSD 10 ppm was assigned, which is 39.90 UAH, that 1 liter of gasoline in GASOLINE cars is 10 ppm, which is 38, 97 UAH,” – go at the respective ministry.

Significantly, in Ukraine, as in the rest of the world, in the wake of the military attack, the prices for light oil products went up. Naphtha itself is also record-breakingly expensive. The President of then Federation Volodymyr Putin after the invasion of Ukraine not only collapsed the economy, but provoked a shortage in the market.

As a result, the price of gasoline increased in the entire world.

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