In Ukraine, take the 1020-strong Tesla Model S Plaid to the new


The Next Car dealership, which sells exclusive cars in Ukraine, is rattling off about an ear of money for the Tesla Model S Plaid trimotor, which debuted at the current 2021 rock. The front price of a car in Ukraine is 151 855 dollars.

Tesla Model S Plaid – the price of the new version of the electric liftback Model S. more sporty), wheels of a new design, and a new 17-inch horizontally oriented screen (previously, a vertical display, vertical), and also the steering wheel replace the kerma (in the middle, available as an option). More, there were changes and in technical part: so, the electric car was equipped with new motors that were more durable to overheating and a heat pump to replace the traditional pump, the odor of what the tair was turning. An analogous restyling is conceited and a crossover Tesla Model X.

Krim vischezazhenikh zmіn, Tesla Model S Plaid proponyє polіpshenі characteristics – three motors in total develop 1020 c.s. the effort, to start the car picking up a “hundred” in 2.1 seconds and accelerate up to 320 km / year. The power reserve per charge is 624 km per EPA cycle. For the occasion, the Tesla Model S Long Range (two-engine) races up to 100 km / year in 3.2 seconds and develops a maximum speed of 250 km / year, if she wants to run more – 663 km. Well, here’s a novelty to play: for those quietly who want to buy a Model S Plaid, a little more money to spend at the reserve, the version of Tesla Model S Plaid + has been transferred with a hostile autonomy at 837 km!

The first deliveries of the Tesla Model S Plaid will start already in the dark, and the axis of the last modifications will be better. Thus, deliveries of the new Tesla Model S Long Range are planned for the fall-leaf fall, and the Model S Plaid + will be closer to mid-2022.

For more detailed information, go to the Next Car dealership, and for the models themselves you can check the catalog on the official website of the company.

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