In Ukraine, the Nissan Leaf is sold

In Ukraine, the Nissan Leaf is sold


The Nissan Motor Ukraine company is talking about the official start of sales of Nissan Leaf, one of the most popular electric vehicles in the world.

Equipping with advanced Nissan technologies, Leaf innovations to discourage Ukrainian buyers and fixes on the electric cars market and set the bar on the electric car market to a new level.

Along with the electric motor with a zero level of wikid speech, innovations Nissan Leaf is a representative of the concept of “Nissan Intelligent Mobility” – it promotes new and new enemies. With the technology of “Nissan Intelligent Mobility”, the Nissan customers can see themselves more for kerm and can better see the situation around the car. The miraculous inter’er does not overwhelm any baiduzhim and it is even more comfortable.

Introducing the Nissan Leaf – the first ever electric car in the world – Nissan became the pioneer of this segment of the market. This year’s Nissan Leaf is one of the best-selling light vehicles among the electric cars, with more than 500,000 cars sold.

Join us and follow the latest additions to the kit, price of the Nissan Leaf presentation hour in Ukraine

It’s also a pleasure for you to marvel at a detailed test drive of the Nissan Leaf from the command FineAuto:

Contacts of all Nissan dealerships in Ukraine

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