In Ukraine, there was a lot of work to be done by the European Parliament.

In Ukraine, there was a lot of work to be done by the European Parliament.


Ukraine imported 1,000 tons of coal from Europe to replace import supplies, which had previously been important from Belarus. Prime Minister Denys Shmigal spoke about it.

“For the new rules, the first 1000 tons of fire have already come. There will be more volumes”, – appointing the premier.

With all wines, I spit on the importance of the fact that Ukraine was able to import imports.

“The firewood market is going through a strong transformation, even now all imports come from Europe. But hello, what imports have started,” the Prime Minister said.

Behind the words of the head of the Order, the prices for the market are stabilized at once with the stabilization of supplies and the largest market.

Having predicted that in Ukraine the excise duty was removed from the price of the tax, the VAT was reduced to 7%, and a new price formula was introduced.

“Narazi gas stations have already reduced the price by 5 UAH. In some countries, the reductions for both gasoline and diesel reach 10 UAH per liter,” Shmihal said with respect.

As it was mentioned, the decision on the taxation of excise tax on the board and the reduction of the MAP rate from 20% to 7% were approved on March 18.

In the order, they are able to activate low-cost processes in an accessible way. Zakrema, enough resources will be accumulated for a seeding campaign and the transportation of critically needed investments, including food products.

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