In Ukraine, today there are lower prices at gas stations

In Ukraine, today there are lower prices at gas stations


The color of the fuel at gas stations in Ukraine has changed dramatically. On the 18th day of the year, they are gaining ceremonial law No. 7137-d, which reduces taxes and taxes on gasoline and diesel. Tell about it on your Facebook page Ministry of Economy.

As you can see, the law cuts the excise duty on the floor, and the MPE is reduced from 20 to 7%. Tse allowed to reduce the cost of diesel fuel by 5 hryvnia per liter, and gasoline – by 7 hryvnia.

The prices set by the state for gasoline on January 18 decreased from UAH 43.52 to UAH 35.76 per liter, and a liter of diesel in Ukraine fell from UAH 44.90 to UAH 39.96. In Mineconomy, they say that it is allowed to buy enough firewood for the sowing campaign and the transportation of critically important interests – such as grub products.

Unnecessarily, gasoline and diesel at gas stations in Ukraine can be quite cheap. Earlier, the Cabinet of Ministers allowed for an hour of the military camp sales of fire to the Euro-3 and Euro-4 class, but it is not as expensive as the Euro-5 standard. Yogo plans to hit us in front of the army.

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