In Ukraine, you can allow the release of illegal gas stations

In Ukraine, you can allow the release of illegal gas stations


During the wartime in Ukraine, it is necessary to allow illegal gas stations and pickers to operate.

Sergiy Kuyun, Director of Consulting Group A-95, told about it.

On the other hand, it’s necessary to allow the change of the Euro-4 standards.

“The equipment of the ZSU is not worth mentioning, tanks, Zili, diesel locomotives and others can easily go – this technique is basically not new. Civilian transport is also outlived. Zhorstki evropejski vymogi schodo paliva is important to reconsider ecological goals. At the same time, for our life, that healthy is a signifi- cantly serious threat, and there are no worries in traffic jams from the cars of the refugees, ”write wine.

Kuyun is aware that it is necessary to do everything, so that the fire has rushed to the market.

“Mini-refinery, smugglers, bodyworkers – everything is fine. Zreshtoy, amnesty today for those who are wounded to fight against the enemy, ”the expert writes.

If it is necessary to maintain state regulation, then it’s out of the question, according to Kuyun, maybe, but the formula needs to be adapted to new realities.

“Control over the pretrials of the financial discipline can easily be secured by the administrative authorities,” adding wine.

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