Incognito Mode: Why Apple Founder Steve Jobs Drove Cars Without License Plates

Incognito Mode: Why Apple Founder Steve Jobs Drove Cars Without License Plates


Steve Jobs was not only an outstanding manager and inventor, but also a notable cunning. He used cars without license plates and changed the car every six months.

RBC-Ukraine Auto reports this with a link to Тhe Аtlantic.

The Apple founder was a big fan of the German car industry. His favorite cars in the last years of his life are the silver Mercedes-Benz SL 55 AMG roadsters. Why is it in plural? The thing is that Jobs drove the car for no more than six months, and then changed it to exactly the same one without any differences in color and equipment. At the same time, a distinctive feature of Steve Jobs’s cars was the complete and constant absence of license plates.

The spiteful critics argued that in this way the head of Apple was trying to avoid fines – he allegedly specially parked his Mercedes in places for people with disabilities. But how can you check if there are no license plates on the car?

In fact, the story of the lack of license plates is somewhat more interesting. According to the laws of California, where Jobs lived, license plates for a new car must be installed on the car within 6 months after purchase. Jobs used this trick.

For 5-6 months he freely drove a “clean” Mercedes Benz SL 55 AMG, after which he returned it to the dealer and bought a new, exactly the same car. The dealership welcomed his car and then resold it at the maximum price, focusing on the name and status of the first owner.

Jobs’ rejection of numbers has two reasons. First, he didn’t want people to identify his car. And second, he didn’t like … the California license plate font. Yes, those hateful letters and numbers.

In 2019, the California Transportation Code was amended to remove the “six months without numbers” entitlement. Since then, local residents need to register new vehicles immediately after purchase.

Earlier, we reported that the US government will abandon cars with gasoline and diesel engines. Officials’ cars should switch to alternative energy sources by 2035.

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