Incredible Toyota SUV for sale

Incredible Toyota SUV for sale


In the United States put up for sale incredible Toyota Mega Cruiser. For the Japanese hammer is asking a considerable $109 900, although the car is really rare and very cool. By the way, his Kazakh numbers.

Toyota Mega Cruiser – the largest and most little-known SUV of the Japanese brand. Like the Hummer, it was originally created for the army, but in the period 1995-2002 has released a civilian version. Assembled by hand as many as 200 cars, both right-hand and left-hand drive.

This is a 5.1-meter giant weighs 2.9 tons, but is equipped with a 4.1-liter turbodiesel capacity of just 135-152 HP Yes, he’s not fast, but the portal axles, the huge ground clearance, and three lockable differential provides excellent traction. Also have auto polnopravnym chassis.


The interior features leather and wood. Have a powerful audio system and even a small monitor on the ceiling. Although, like a car for $100 thousand interior is not that luxurious. By the way, some craftsmen turned Toyota Mega Cruiser in the G-wagon.

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