Indian patents smart radar

Indian patents smart radar


Motorcycles have become significantly safer over the past decade thanks to a number of electronic systems that continue to evolve. Indian Motorcycles pays a lot of attention to this and has developed a radar system to improve the safety of motorcyclists. Their system is slightly wider than the traditional adaptive cruise control found on some BMW, Ducati, KTM motorcycles.

The system consists of three sensors, six cameras and haptic feedback. It not only detects when another vehicle is in the safety zone of the motorcycle, but also detects its type, which gives the computer an advantage when calculating risks, braking force, and measuring distance.

In fact, the system works like a chain dog, which warns of danger to the motorcyclist. It measures the distance between two vehicles. Information is also displayed on the dashboard. The saddle has a built-in haptic feedback system. If threatened, a slight vibration will occur.

It is currently unknown when the manufacturer plans to adapt the new development to production.

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