India’s Tata in 2020 will release a cheap electric car

India’s Tata in 2020 will release a cheap electric car


It is known that the electric car future will get a latest platform, as well as a number of advanced technologies. This “green” car, according to developers, will get a lot of mileage, quick charging, and a battery with an eight-year warranty.

The appearance of the first electric car from Tata, which will use the so-called technology Ziptron, to be held in the fourth quarter of 2020. This information is shared with journalists the General Director of the Indian company Tata Motors g√ľnter Butcher. He stressed that the environmentally friendly novelty will receive a very affordable price. Specific numbers, unfortunately, is not yet known.


It is known that the electric car will be based on the latest platform using modern technologies. With this budget electric cars will begin a whole line of “female” car brand.

Also, the manufacturer revealed details of the powertrain of future trends, stressing that it was designed own brand. The technology Ziptron has already passed 1 million miles of testing and has proven its reliability. Claimed range of around 250 kilometers and the battery manufacturer is willing to provide eight-year warranty.

By the way, the Indian authorities today impose on electric vehicles high hopes. Lower taxes on such cars, and for buyers and manufacturers introduced different incentives.

How about the Tata brand?

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