Infernal Bugatti with “pimple” air intake will become serial

Infernal Bugatti with “pimple” air intake will become serial


Bugatti has announced that the infernal Bolide coupe will still be serial. One of the prototype’s “tricks” was the active “bubble” air intake technology, thanks to which it was possible to significantly reduce lift and improve streamlining – this innovation may remain on the commercial version. But the ratio of the curb weight to the power of 0.67 will not be achieved: it has already been announced that the serial Bolide will be weaker and heavier.

Initially, the Bugatti Bolide was developed as an experimental engineering project – the designers’ imagination was limited only by the safety requirements of the FIA. Obviously, the production model will require big compromises.

The power of the “track” coupe has already been confirmed – the 8.0-liter W16 engine will be tuned to 1600 horsepower and 1600 Nm, that is, the output will be the same as that of the Chiron Super Sport. The incredible 1850 horsepower and 1850 Nm on ordinary gasoline AI-98 cannot be achieved, so the dynamics will be more modest than the calculated one.

Too optimistic in real conditions and a “dry” weight of 1240 kilograms – it is announced that the equipped hypercar will weigh two centners more. But nothing is said about the simplification of active aerodynamics, so the unusual technology of air flow optimization Dimple Airscoop has every chance to be embodied in a production car.

Buyers of the Bugatti Bolide will be able to count on six-point seat belts, the HANS racing head and neck protection system, and an automatic fire suppression system.

So far, it is planned to release 40 “track” Bugatti, and the estimated starting price is four million euros. Orders are already being accepted and deliveries will begin in 2024. The owners of the uncompromising Bugatti are entitled to exclusive track days, so getting to know the Car will take place under the supervision of experienced instructors.

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