Infiniti introduced a concept version of the truck Quick-X

Infiniti introduced a concept version of the truck Quick-X


In recent years, an increasing number of automakers hopes for the popularity of pick-UPS due to the extremely high demand for such cars not only in North America where they are sold EN masse, but also on other world markets.

In particular, Mercedes-Benz entered the world of pickups a few years ago with the release of X-Class, and more recently Kia and Hyundai have confirmed that they are also working on their own versions of the trucks. While Mercedes has not received the desired result, Tesla and its Cybertruck making headlines around the world, again subjected to segment of the study.

Following a concept by designer Karol Proba is how it will look pickup truck Infiniti if it will ever be implemented. The project, called Quick-x, turns the current design language car manufacturer in the form of a pickup truck that aims to be minimalistic, yet still stylish and functional.

Perhaps the most interesting aspect of the design of the truck is the fact that the windscreen extends right up to the front of the truck, which means that the traditional hood to speak of, that leads us to believe that the concept is powered exclusively from electricity. This fact allowed the designer to push the cab as far forward as possible, increasing cabin space and giving the car a unique proportion.

As for the loading platform, it is big and stylish, and are beautifully complemented by subtle rear lights. Other interesting aspects of the car’s design include solid rims for improved aerodynamics and the absence of traditional side mirrors. Infiniti did not give any hints that she is considering a pickup truck, not to mention its development. However, the segment has great potential, and if Tesla can crack it using his innovations, then, who knows, anything is possible.

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