Infiniti presented its version of the “female” car

Infiniti presented its version of the “female” car


Infiniti has developed a “rally” version of the QX80 together with Calmini Products in California. The upgraded SUV is made in a single copy for the female crew of Team Wander Women – it will be used by automotive journalists Nicole Vakilen and Elise chase in the 10-day Rebelle Rally marathon.

Women’s crews will have to overcome about 2000 kilometers across the deserts of California and Nevada, so the engineers had to seriously Refine the luxury Infiniti QX80. The ground clearance of the SUV was increased by 76 mm, reinforced suspension components and protection of the engine compartment were installed.

Externally, the Infiniti QX80 for Team Wander Women is easily recognized by its power metal bumpers,” army “running boards,” mud ” tires with a high profile, as well as by its unusual livery. No updates to the engine and transmission are reported, so the regular 5.6-liter gasoline “atmosfernik” with a power of 405 horsepower and a torque of 560 Nm remained under the hood.

The Rebelle Rally marathon has a number of special features: only female crews are allowed to participate, and you can not use high – tech navigation tools during the race-only paper maps and a compass. The route passes through sand dunes and rocks near the us-Mexico border, and the competition lasts for ten days – from October 8 to 17.

Infiniti’s competitor Lexus has also prepared a unique SUV for the female crew of the Rebelle Rally. The all-terrain vehicle was named J201 Concept, and the custom model differed from the prototype not only in its suspension and body kit, but also in its boosted engine.

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