Infocar-Bonus #3: discount on the new VW Arteon!

Infocar-Bonus #3: discount on the new VW Arteon!


InfoCar presents another bonus program: you can get a discount of $ 1,500 for 50 Volkswagen Arteon cars.

Using the status of the most influential profile media in the country, the InfoCar team was able to receive a discount of $ 1,500 from the Volkswagen manufacturer for those of our subscribers who decide to buy a new Volkswagen Arteon or Arteon Shooting Brake.

Cars that take part in the InfoCar Bonus have a rich R-Line package (however, they can be retrofitted if desired) and the most powerful engines: 200-horsepower TDI (mono- and four-wheel drive) and 280-horsepower TSI (all-wheel drive). drive).

Prices for promotional cars are shown without discount

To become a member of the InfoCar Bonus, you need to fill out a form indicating the name of the person for whom the purchased car will be issued, as well as the last four digits of her identification code. So we exclude the participation of resellers in the action.

The form must be completed by August 15, 2021 (inclusive). Does it mean that when filling out the form, you reserve a car for yourself? No, it does not oblige you to anything. To confirm your reservation, you need to go directly to any of the official Volkswagen dealers, say that you are an InfoCar subscriber and fill out the form, and get a $ 1,500 discount by concluding a contract. This must be done by September 30th.

Important! We were able to agree with Volkswagen on 50 cars, so there is no need to hesitate with a decision. After all, promotional cars can simply be disassembled in front of you, even if you filled out the form.

You can read more about the terms of the promotion here.

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