InfoCar Toureg Discount

InfoCar Toureg Discount


The InfoCar team presents the second “lot” in the Infocar Bonus project, which is the new Volkswagen Touareg.

We remind you that the initiative “Infocar-Bonus” was recently introduced, which allows our subscribers to save money when buying a new car. The first “lot” was 30 Suzuki Jimny cars with savings of up to 40.000 UAH. The cars were sold within the first week.

In the course of lengthy negotiations with Volkswagen, we managed to get a discount of $ 1000 on gasoline cars, which is valid in addition to the promotional package options of Silver, Gold and Platinum.

You can apply for a discount here:

Detailed information and conditions were announced in a video clip on InfoCar’s Youtube channel:

A special Telegram channel was created to inform you about new “lots”:

You can also follow us on Instagram or Facebook so that you don’t miss out on new promotions.

Answering the question of what made it possible to get such conditions for fairly popular models, FineAuto editor-in-chief Pavel Kashchuk stated:

“In order to sell cars, dealers spend a lot of money on advertising-boards, radio, Internet, mailing lists. We also offered them an alternative-the best advertising will be InfoCar Youtube channel, which is currently the most popular car media in the country, and the money saved will turn into a discount for those who watch us»

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