Inkas updated civilian version of the SUV Sentry

Inkas updated civilian version of the SUV Sentry


Canadian firm Inkas updated civilian version of the SUV Sentry, designed for law enforcement.

The car is built on the basis of a heavy truck and as an option offers the reservation of a body up to level BR6 ballistic protection. This is random, it will be protected from the fire automatic weapon of the 7.62 and detonation of two DM51 fragmentation grenades.

Inkas Civilian Sentry is based on the platform Ford F-550 with enhanced suspension, brakes and new body. The movement of the armored car lead 6.7-liter diesel V8, issuing more than 330 horsepower. Box a ten step automatic; drive full.

In the cabin can accommodate up to seven passengers. They have heating and air conditioning, mini-bar, safe, access to night vision systems and the circular review.

Version Inkas Sentry MPV for a special forces a little different from the civilian cars. His armor level BR6, more powerful engine (367 HP) and six-speed “automatic”.


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The maximum speed Sentry MPV is 140 kilometers per hour. Depending on the assignment, an armored car can be equipped with a rotary turret, a device alert, a winch with electronic control, night vision and extra protection the engine compartment.

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