Innovations of the new S-Class: steering rear passengers

Innovations of the new S-Class: steering rear passengers


Mercedes-Benz has announced the second episode of his show, Meet the S-Class Digital, by which he prepares us for the premiere of the flagship model. The first part was published on 8 July and was dedicated to the new generation driver interface MBUX. In the second, which will be shown on July 29, the manufacturer will focus on new safety technology.

From the press release implies that the new S-class will receive the first frontal airbag for the rear passengers, who will work in conjunction with side. Without going into details, the developers noted that the new arbage fundamentally different from the front, as they had to be adapted for use with child seats.


In addition, the Executive sedan Mercedes-Benz has got enhanced Pre-Safe Impulse Side that uses to protect the occupants the active hydropneumatic suspension E-Active Body Control. When installed in-car sensors to predict imminent lateral collision, the entire body rises slightly, to hit the more hard elements of the design.

Also Mercedes-Benz has announced that the full debut of the new S-class will take place on 2 September. Before that we will see at least one episode “web series”: in the third edition, which will be released on digital platforms Meet Mercedes Digital 12 Aug, talk about, as did the interior of the sedan even more luxurious.

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