Insane Valentine’s Surprise – a Ferrari with 1000 Roses!!

Insane Valentine’s Surprise – a Ferrari with 1000 Roses!!


This is insane! My other half surprised me with a Ferrari 488 Spider with a 1000 roses inside. I’ve never seen anything so beautiful. The car is on the top of my list of supercars to buy so I will be trying her out this week. This is the behind the scenes work that went in to making this the best surprise I’ve ever had on Valentines Day. Special thanks to Edel & Stark Dubai and 800-Flower Dubai for making this happen.Don’t forget to vote on which car Supercar I should buy.

hey guys my name is Nick and I am supercar Blondie’s husband there you go the truth is out she has a husband anyways that’s not the point the reason why I’m on doing this video here is because we’re gonna surprise her for Valentine’s Day and I’ve got a special surprise it’s gonna involve a lot of flowers and it’s gonna involve a super car obviously so as you know she’s currently looking to buy a super car and I can show you actually what we have going here we ran a survey monkey for you guys to vote we currently have 19 thousand votes here and this is the split so we’ve got the four eight the four five eight the Huracan the AMG GT are the f12 576 50s DB 11 and the Porsche Turbo S topping at the moment is to Huracan but we’re gonna try it right now with the for a date Alex doesn’t know anything that’s happening right now I want to select now the car that I think she would love and this is this brand new Ford 8 spider I’ve got the key right here there we go beautiful car and thanks to es luxury rental cars here they’re gonna deliver this car for Alex for Valentine’s look at that brand-new beautiful so we’re gonna load her up now in a truck then we’re gonna go to the flower delivery store and load the car with flowers and go and surprise Alex so let’s drive this thing on the delivery trunk we’re gonna load this thing up now these are the guys here Ian’s estimate is possible thanks to them we just arrived here at a flower so here’s some of the flowers a beautiful dope and we’re gonna prep the car now I’m gonna make sure it’s all protected so it doesn’t scratch anything inside replacing each individual flower in New Year that’s gonna look insane that’s look really really love it we’re going to place a massive laughs heart here filling up nicely here look at this look at that completely overloaded it’s gonna be insane look at that completely overloaded and he seemed easy and cleaning a car shove it aside and I’ll prep the car a bit more and then I’m gonna call her out and surprise her so she doesn’t know that this car is being delivered now just mounting the loft heart they’re white roses some balloons some more balloons in here it’s gonna look like this you’re just gonna like it all right so we now have the truck ready and we’re gonna do delivery now so I’m going to hold her hey it’s me come down to the front of the hotel we’ve got something special for you for Valentine’s yeah just come out just come out okay okay Oh so nervous right now I really hope she’s gonna like it to come out any minute here behind those doors hello some news for you for Valentino is this a surprise no I just come out just come on no surprise for Valentine do you like it I don’t know like a thousand there you go that’s a cute puppy Valentines why don’t you open and drive it away I don’t want to take the roses out all you have to like shape I hope you like roses yeah I love her so is that gonna be you a new Carleton have to see see how much you like it it’s a test it’s for you test because we all know you’re looking for new yes God looking for new super possible this is like one of my top picks yes so I was thinking like did you buy this you didn’t buy it right so it is this is to test stop the video and they decide yeah all right it’s get it going also it already came out the pedals yeah yes yes this was the fourth surprise think she liked it such an amazing amazing surprise great I hope you gonna like the car and they’ll decide what do you want to get that one yeah yeah but it’s cool anyway like just having a Ferrari for a few days around to buy absolute lover thank you guys so so much I’ll see you guys a little bit later on experts because I’m gonna have this call down for the next few days

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