Inside Chris Harris’ Dream Garage | Chris Harris Drives

Inside Chris Harris’ Dream Garage | Chris Harris Drives


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Now you might have seen
a couple of weeks ago on the internet that RM Auctions was dealing
with a sale of around 130 cars from the '70s '80s and '90s. I saw the pictures of those cars
in that warehouse and thought, "I got to see them". Guess where we are? We're with them. This is, and I don't say this lightly, the most extraordinary room full of cars
I've ever seen. I don't have the stats but I think if you
looked at my browser history for used cars more time will be spent looking
at used BMW M cars, Alpinas, AMGs that kind of stuff,
than anything else. Those are the cars but for some reason
I can't get enough off. I've just walked into a room…
Well, Alpina… Mint. Mint. That's a B7 turbo mint. That looks like a 65 CSI, probably an M6. E60 M5 in Europe. Paddles, remember that? Big outcry. Journalists like me saying it didn't have
a manual gearbox like the old E39. But these ones… In America
they did a six-speed manual for a while. They're both manuals over here in Europe. I wasn't aware of any others in Europe.
I mean, that is that's special. Opens door… Inside. Stick. Look at the seat bolster on that car. You show me an E60 M5, that doesn't
have a collapsed driver's seat bolster. They all do. This one doesn't. Like everything else here
it's absolutely mint. There are three, three, three! E38 Alpina seven series here. There's a six litre, a 5.7
and another six litre. I've wanted one of these
ever since I first drove one in 2001. The only place I've ever seen more
than one of these, was, I think, the Geneva Motor Show. And I think even then they only had two.
There are three here! Then you just drunk on E38s
and you think well what's behind? Oh look, there's a E28 mint B7 turbo. I've not seen one of those
in the raw before, So, just stay there while I have a bit
of man moment to myself. And breathe in. Okay, right so… This is an E28. With the cloth bucket seats.
I mean, look at them. They're just perfect.
Look at the steering wheel. Fellow sad people, what's the first thing
you do when you're approaching an old BMW? You look in the boot for the toolkit,
don't you? So let's just choose one this is a 65 CSI.
Come here. Come on, pop the boot. Up it goes, look inside. Undo, undo, undo. Perfect, absolutely perfect. Look, a screwdriver! Why all the spoilers so good?
My spoiler is not as good as that. All the rubber is just right
and it's not perished. And extended wheelbase 7 Series. Another one, oh no this is older,
isn't it? What's that, E32? These are rare as well.
There's a whole load of 8 series. That's an 850 CI, that's an 850 CSI. That's a 5.7, I think,
these are rare as you like Look, it's got a NACA duct
on the bonnet the The Aston Martin Lagonda. Neil tells me that's a Tickford.
Let's have a look at it Wheel rim, tyre. Okay, that is a 15 inch rim. This is a 255 65 R15 It's an Avon turbo speed. LJK Setright would love that tyre. Loved an Avon turbo speed.
Loved a Honda Prelude, as well. Had a Bristol. I'm not sure if he loved
the Aston Martin Lagonda though. I'll go back and look at my
old car magazines see if I can find out. But just look at it! Come on. I mean it started out pretty haphazard,
but by the end they got it nailed. This is a great-looking car.
Its massive and there's no room inside. But look how cool it is. I want one of these.
Right, Neil, I want one of these. We're just gonna take a few minutes out, because I actually need to go
and have a chat with myself, 'cause I I've never seen anything like it. This feels like therapy. Feels like I'm finally revealing
how much I like cars of this era. They just excite me.
This is what I want to be. And if BMWs or Alpinas are not your thing
there's always the Mercedes AMG corner. That's actually a lie because
behind you there's a load more AMGs. But let's start with these 600.
Another 600. Look at these, we've got SLs and SECs. It's an E500. Look how sexy it is,
with the slightly flared arches. This comes from a time
when people understood quietly demonstrating your potential,
you know. C126 AMGs. So that's basically the big Merc coupe
from the mid '80s, with the wide arch body kit. It's just the signature thug car,
isn't it? It couldn't look better. Come and have a look inside this. The '80s was the decade of excess
and the '80s wasn't smug with hindsight. The '80s was proud to be the '80s
and the '80s loved buttons. This seat has 13 buttons alone.
This one seat. That means there's 26
across the two of them. And the dashboards
and the clock faces and the… You know, when it all goes electric soon
I think I might want one of these. I've never done this before
but I'm taking photos for myself, so you just go and film something else. No, I did your deal, we're gonna go
to the estate car. I never thought I'd say this I'm about
to walk straight past a 300 SEL 6.3. I won't look at that
it's one of my dream cars, but we need to ignore that to get to that. That is a W123 Turing estate car It's been to AMG
and it has a 5 litre engine in it, which would have been from an S-class. You might know of a cooler car
on the planet than that… But I don't. Look at it. Yes, so that's an SL 70,
the bored out version by MG. And that engine became the basis of the…
Come on… Answers on a postcard. You're right, that became the engine
that went in the Zonda. And these are now worth a few quid, because there aren't any more
Zonda engines. So the only way to get a Zonda engine
is to buy one of these and do something unspeakable to it. I wonder if you can just
sort of live here. Have a tent or motorhome in the middle
and just hang out with them. How wonderfully random is this. So, American spec 280, big bumpers. 280 turbo, Neil loves Z cars. The camera is shaking a bit
because he's getting excited. And they just get better,
look at the tiger panels on that. Another 280 in that sort of late
'70s, early '80s metallic brown colour. And now we come to
the 50th anniversary turbo. You have to see inside this car for the
sheer madness of what was going on. Come on round side. I'll let you in here.
Can you squeeze through? Look at this dashboard. Can you see that? That is madness. Down here, we have… We have a body sonic amplifier, with two rotary dials that just say
"intensity" in the middle. We've got electronic dampers,
I bet they don't work. And we've got all sorts of
amazing things here. It's just the '80s. Climate control. God, it so cool. Look at the steering wheel! This is all the stuff we'll miss when
the world becomes electric and boring. This is just madness. Look at these dials here. It has got a stick.
That's a manual 928 GTS. Just done 40,000 miles
and is in mint condition. I don't think that's a repeatable
proposition. It has even got the kind of purpley
leather interior that I want. What you need to know about a 928 is, if
you mess with a 928's trim, it never goes back the same way. Any interior panel and the exterior panel,
a rubber, a union, any of these bits here, if it's been tampered with,
will never go back the right way. This car is completely mint. I've never seen one as good as this. These are perfect,
the rubbers are perfect. So, this isn't a room full of
motley old junk, this is a room full of the best cars
I've seen. These are absolutely perfect Bentleys. And what's really, really surprising
about this era of Bentley now, is that when I used to see them as a kid
they looked absurdly big and ostentatious, but of course now,
because every car is so big and because people are obsessed with SUVs, these look just the right size
for a large motor car to me. What's that one? Is that an early Conti? It looks like it has got big wheels.
It might be… It might be a special one. Let's have a look, that is a Conti T. Right, so this is really special. Two callipers. For the big old beast. I love that.
From that era. Twin callipers. Still with a disc
that you'd see on the Ford Focus. Now we're getting to the era of cars
where I actually tested them. So, I remember driving one of these
when it was new. God, how light that door is! And this one is definitely
in better condition than the one that I saw
that came from the factory. It's mint, absolutely mint. These were really good fun Renault 5 Turbo 2. Leather interior… 29,000 kilometres. Red. What more do you say?
One of the coolest looking cars ever made. I still have no idea what Renault
was smoking when they did this. But I'd quite like some. Mitsubishi Starion?
Mitsubishi Starion, come on! Have a look in here. This is this is more '80s
than Bruce Willis watching Rocky IV having a beer
with Arnold Schwarzenegger. This is the most '80s thing
I've ever seen. Look here, look at this hi-fi.. Look at these buttons. Look at this steering wheel. Let's think of the etymology
of the word Starion in this context, because you must know the story. If you don't know the story go
and look it up online. Look at the ruffled leather. This car has done 9,000 miles. I think the Starion is one
of the great looking cars. Name me a car that's got big box arches
on it that doesn't look good. There isn't one, is there? Is there a car that's got box arches
on it, flared arches like that, that looks bad… There isn't one. E30 M3. So I had to choose one vehicle
from this remarkable treasure trove that I've just loved wandering round
and I've chosen one. Here we go Can you guess what that is? How many cylinders is that?
Sounds expensive to me. Look at this alpine head unit here.
It's the coolest thing I've ever seen. It's got a built-in radar detection
down there. It's just so comfortable. Driver on seats. Noise… I'll fall asleep.

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