Inside The World’s Best Supercar YouTubers | ft. Vehicle Virgins, Shmee150, DDE, SOL, Mr.JWW…

Inside The World’s Best Supercar YouTubers | ft. Vehicle Virgins, Shmee150, DDE, SOL, Mr.JWW…


In this Video I’m finally bringing you the world’s best and biggest supercar youtubers and I’m asking them all the same ten questions such as how they got started, what advise they have for you and what cars they own. Follow me on:The following YouTubers are featured:- Parker aka Vehicle Virgins – – Tim aka Shmee150 — Damon aka DailyDrivenExotics – – Paul aka Supercars of London – – James aka Mr. JWW – – Sam aka Seen Through Glass – – Dani aka Dani Clos – – Alan aka AlanEnileev – Archie aka Archie Hamilton Racing – Seb aka Seb Delanney – James aka The Stradman – Ali aka Ali AlHamoudi on Cars – Ali aka Ali AlHamoudi on Cars – Unfortunately didn’t manage to get a full interview with all of them yet, James aka The Stradman and Ali Al Hamoudi on Cars just have a small feature.

hello hi guys alright guys how you doing good morning ladies and gentlemen hi guys I’m sure me well I see that hey guys I’m Alan and you leave what’s up guys welcome to supercars in London my name is James I go by the Strad man what’s up guys welcome back through an episode of daily driven exhaust welcome to another video if you’re new to the channel my name is Parker near in seen my name is senthil a my name’s James you might know me online as mr. jww my channels good aren’t you Hamilton racing even though that I’m rice and I am here with supercar blondie with supercar blondie supercar blown right now we’re on merciless stand with project 1 and project supercar blowing bam bam so wait here just to ask you a little bit more about your channel we’re gonna actually continue the interview English if you’re okay this is excited I’m nervous about this question should me get nervous cuz I’ve got lots of difficult questions for you I’ve got some very serious questions here yeah what’s up with supercar blondie I’m really excited about this video today I cannot wait for you to watch this make sure to like it and subscribe to my channel I’ve been speaking to the world’s best supercar vloggers and I’ve got them all in this one video right now I’ve been talking to them about how they got started as vloggers how do you get started as a supercar vlogger if that’s something you’re interested in and for example what cars they learn to drive in and what cars they own now just a few years later let’s get started alright here’s your first question what is your channel about would you say variants supercars London is a story me starting filming supercars and now living the dream and the adventures of owning and driving city what is your channel about heroes all right just a couple of supercar culture and the surrounding life all my life racing and now I found something to show to people yeah I always say to people it’s like a really bad wave overtopping sousou I’m not I personally I see myself as a journalist I don’t try and review cars I deal with us if you like challenges and road trips and you know the fun stuff I think that’s what I try and I’d say high-end supercars a lot of German cars and then my personal car history and the modifications I’m doing with them and just kind of coming along with me in my daily life madness one word that wasn’t even one sentence do you want a sentence yeah let’s go for it sometimes supercar is doing bad things so my channel YouTube and Instagram is about good cars and I think that our life is too short to drive not good cars yes so I think when people see these reviews with cool cars it motivates them to work harder yeah to to get to these cars so so there you go this is your business card yeah I want to give you a four remember yeah so this is my logo it is based on my fingers it is like high rpm zone one pom-pom one pom-pom and show me your hairpin zone on it oh you got a diesel engine not what I got yeah maybe maybe 4,000 rpm only 4,000 yeah because up to 11 what is something they get from my life surrounding cool cars and driving cars and experiences and stuff of that what makes it different makes it different just the handsome face the guy running is a very good looking guy yeah that happens yeah he knows what he’s doing okay my channel is about a a young person it started off as me being a teenager who loves cars and lots of traveling around and following sort of this automobile fashion okay so it’s just about like causing passion cause a fashion yeah a young guy who loves cars basically my channel is about sharing everything from the exciting world of high-performance supercars right in the road trips lifestyle experiences and I think he’s the only person who can literally spell every fact about a car over and over and over and over and over again okay how did you start doing this my way is very long I would try to be in one minute okay how about three sentences cool I started from cybersport in 2006 I became world champion in Need for Speed and I started working in a top car magazines on TV making programs about cars in 2009 I met racing guy we made the racing team together and with this racing team I also started blogging yeah so six years in Instagram and four years in YouTube that’s all mmm how did you start out which is well I mean obviously my home life in relation with cars and with the fastest cars in the world that there are 4-1 and gp2 pairs like that so this kind of cars easy as I know everybody in the environment to share with the rest of us how do I start I basically made a few videos I thought no one’s gonna watch this someone actually started watching and then starts about once a week and then twice a week three times a week and now I’m here and how many times you upload a three week three times a week and ah I got started because out of the need of wanting to have one of these cars and not having enough money to just buy one and justify it so the entrepreneur and me thought well let’s just make it so that it’s a business and I can write it all in the United States I’ve now known all sorts of stuff you can luxury goods yeah you can’t do that in Canada you cannot so I am the only currently I’m the only business that is allowed to write off a supercar that’s amazing and the reason is the meaning around how a product can be written off is it has to serve a purpose to create money yeah so without it I couldn’t make money so to speak or couldn’t make as much money and it’s true so it is a tool so I I wrote my description in my business plan to what our version is the Canadian Revenue Agency saying I said my car will be like my Mickey Mouse to Disney yeah and it’s true and that’s what I imagined how many of those guys were reading it going to him he’s really worked out life no I think they were play like he’s full of crap yeah Fanny we’ll see if he makes it at three and a half years four years and then will tell me we’ll tell him to move on I started off on YouTube in 2013 originally it was actually a web site and the premise and the reason it’s called vehicle Virgins was it was first time car buying advice so in high school when people turned 16 because I was always reading magazines and watching Top Gear everyone’s like okay well I feel like burger might know something might as well ask him no honest to god I went to a bunch of really low-end used car dealerships and pretended to be interested in their cars took him for a spin did a little write-up on them and was like that actually seems like a good potential first car I started by just filming the cars I saw in the streets of Monaco in order to show them to my family and friends which lived in the UK that’s literally how is that on an iPod touch it was just a big hobby for fun way back how did you start people purely for fun iced I’ve always had a massive good winding all the way back to when I was at school I used to film me and my friends skiing and snowboarding that’s where I got my passion for filming thing and then I passed my driving test and then film our cars and then I joined the real world for 12 years managed to save up for a dream car and then I remember don’t know which I really enjoyed filming when I was back to school and in that time you two had launched so I uploaded a video so that people liked it I started doing it as a hobby I was doing a PR I was this PR consultant but I was really badly and I was quite forward and I was watching you 150 and supercars in London yeah and I was also watching a lot of moto blockers so a couple of guys world Jordanian to London they were really funny and I was like maybe there’s a room for a funny car guy not that I think I’m funny but I thought I could add some humor maybe so I tried to replicate motor vlogging in the car space so I started off doing point of view videos and did you do that while you had your full time yes so I did my full time job for about a year and a half whilst I started the channel and I got to about 100,000 subscribers and well this is much more fun than anything else yeah so doing the tower how did you get started so you were a race car driver racing car driver for sort of three well not thirteen fourteen years whatever and then I decided that this isn’t making any money it’s costing money something else and I ended up starting youtube and posted it on racing them too though that was it and that was it I think it actually started out as a hobby so it never felt like I was putting hours into work like I never felt like I was actually slogging I was working like 12 14 hours a day but I was loving it so it was just a passion did you have a full-time job on the side of time so I was at university when it really started to pick up so I started before uni went through uni came out of uni and did a little bit of sort of social media consultancy a sort of business to help fund it so that was it but I never really had a full-time job past 23 isn’t that amazing to say I’ve never really had a full time job class 23 like ever probably really yeah yeah what car did you first learn to drive it Oh a 2006 Toyota Sienna my mom’s beautiful car that was I took my driver’s test in that and it’s actually really good at front wheel drive burnout so awesome the car you learn to driving no a Mercedes C 220 CDI station wagon from 2002 to him most of us alike yeah the old one got Mitsubishi Lancer yeah this was quite backed up by a what it was back now it wasn’t any back to but it’s just cuz it was a Mercedes it sounds fancy a Honda Prelude how all that amazing was my mom’s beat the crap out of it and then wrote it off about six months later you learn to drive it what how did you learn to drive it a Ford Focus first car you learn driving Porchester of course because I’m from Russia it was Lada 1985 year of production first college driving was a must be in a 2000 and something 2007 or 2008 hope supporter you’ve known is coming in so far right so from the Ford Focus to now what cast you own I own a manual Far Away 360 from 2002 which I adore my dream car Ferrari obsessive and Porsche 718 Cayman S which is good yeah and I just bought this week in 1999 Volvo v70 what I render my entire life it’s brilliant we did not see that one coming i disgusted so long ago I did the video my youtube channel and I had so much fun so much smoke and said it’s about the smoke toy so I’ve got a Mercedes c63 which is here in a crazy Rani in spec which I love and I just collected an Audi r8 r WS it’s a rear-wheel-drive Lamborghini Huracan you go on home a good car very nice yeah you’ve got yourself right right yeah you got ad yeah same to you orange oh I know Sarah for an Audi rs4 as well which is a long time the mclaren 675lt spider okay Aston Martin Vantage gt8 Mercedes AMG GT r Porsche 911 gt3 Ford Focus RS that’s tuned up for Focus RS heritage tradition BMW m5 long-term of the w coming Ford GT coming with Aaron Center coming TVR graffiti finish it okay alright what cost you own today so right now I have a 2015 Lamborghini Huracan show up with a VF supercharger so 805 horsepower and then a 2018 e63 AMG and a 1971 ice-cream van that I just bought like a week ago one is the Saab 95 ro one is a GTR 1,000 horsepower with crazy wrapping and another one were finishing it this is Porsche 911 Turbo it is a old one so it is a nine and six four and we are making it to 700 horsepower it will be cut right so I owned a Lotus Exige I’ve got another car arriving soon but I haven’t announced what it is well you know what screw it I’ve got an LptA 110 there you go whatever I mean honestly when you when you say oh this is mud that my daily I have a 2016 Range Rover Sport diesel a 2008 for re Scuderia and that’s it I have a Lamborghini Guyardo an Audi r8 and a Jeep Wrangler I’ve got a Ferrari f12 TDF I have a Porsche 911 – gt3 RS 605 8 speciality I got a Range Rover autobiography and an Audi s1 guys what you see seriously what is this war in Korea now you’ve just made me say that it sounds absurd doesn’t it what’s it actually like to be a car youtuber how would you describe that it’s so amazing you know because maybe five years ago for me it was impossible to arrive to realize that it is possible to have such lifestyle yeah of course it’s not very easy because a lot of people they think that oh it’s so easy they’re bloggers having fun at that so now we’re making a lot of difficult job sometime yeah it is as awesome as it looks until you get back an edit and then you’re in front this is why you gotta look both sides of it it’s fun this year I’m on my 56th white yeah so there’s a disproportionate amount of traveling the hours allocated to creating the stuff that you see is so disproportionate to the you know the average edit is four to five hours and you’ll be filming all day for 12 hours what’s actually like the knock are you what’s it actually about yes what see a lot of them to do every time when he’s show the story I mean there’s a lot more for example as you said my videos I’m a lot about the backs of bigots I spent hours every day learning about cars reading press releases websites reviews talking to engineers designers finding out information but also you know there’s the the business side behind internal that’s the how how are your videos performing what are you doing next you know which companies you’re working with preparing taking a temperature you know like a million thumbnails to get the right one for the video yeah getting the right hand girls making sure you’re editing in the right way so you’re telling me that you don’t take just the one shot me you know the one shot one don’t nothing no shot Cara how much exhausting absolute don’t ever do I’m just joking is this a ton of work you see the finished product and it’s like anything in life you don’t understand it’s like you don’t you don’t know what you don’t know it’s a lot of fun but it is way more work than people think of this we put out these ten to twelve minutes of what is basically the luckiest most awesome part of our day the other 24 hours that’s why the other majority of the day is normally a massive draft and if you don’t really really love the subject you involved then any sane person would quietly give up it’s a huge commitment the best thing about it is you’re committing time something you love so it doesn’t feel like work it’s just you know it’s just all encompassing that I don’t have weekend you don’t have and you don’t have holidays it’s a non-stop but you enjoy what’s it actually like being a car youtuber it’s amazing it’s because you get to live experiences which you thought you’d never be able to do before someone hands you the keys to these unbelievable cars and you’re just you’re I’m always so shocked you know someone be like don’t drive this McLaren I’m like ready are you sure I mean yes but are you sure you want me to drive this car yeah yeah it’s go for it so honestly it’s it’s unbelievable it’s it’s as good if not better than it looks okay you take the keys before they realize who they’ve actually given like yes what’s your one piece of advice to someone who would like to start on youtube today just start I think most people don’t start which is why you just don’t overthink it so stop being afraid of failing or stop overthinking it and just go do it and through that process you will learn more you’ll be able to make better decisions about what direction you want to go in but you can’t do any of that if you don’t start so if you’re gonna do anything make sure it’s the sort of thing that you would do for free because the first two years will be for free what’s your one piece of advice but someone starting out today’s beeping down flat out all the time if you think about it obviously but if you want to accomplish it people starting off from YouTube today what one piece of advice would you have try and carve a niche I try and do something so different I even like take inspiration from the don’t already existing people because I don’t think there’s any problem with that because we’ve all got our own unique personalities but I think if you’re starting now like watch and do research and find the people that you enjoy find the people that you don’t like and then just trial and error assume by trial and error there’s no working formula for YouTube everyone’s totally different their success is totally different so the best bit of advice I can give is just go for it but find your niche and don’t try and copy anyone because you’ll get found the biggest thing is to be true to themselves and what does that mean I mean everyone says that be true to yourself be truly so do it because you enjoy it certainly my era of youtubers if I can say that who got into it at least before it was ever viewed as being a job yeah did it out of pure hobby not because there was a financial incentive or a success room like Target that wasn’t a thing you didn’t say hey I might one day have a million subscribers true I wasn’t net I was never ever ever on my mind more an option higher because I wanted an evening Tacoma carbon here stick up the internet seems fun to engage in people who like the same thing I like what’s your one piece of advice with someone starting out on YouTube today what would you tell them what the one thing you need to do I think stability is going till the end till till the result because the problem of most car bloggers new car bloggers is that they are making their creative for health coffee air maybe for one year and then they are just giving up you need to go to the Google hot yeah and you need to understand that it will be difficult if you got for example good money for advertisement it will be much more easier if if no it will be much more difficult and you need to understand it it’s not it’s not easy absolutely I think you’re starting on my biggest piece of advice is being passionate about the subject there’s no point in looking and going I’m going to start gaming channel I’m gonna start car youtubing channel if you’re not really into those areas because if your passion people would enjoy watching and listen to what you’re talking about and so if you’re trying to fake that it will never come across right so don’t be scared if you’re into tractors or polo-playing or whatever if you love it just film it and be interesting being attractive oh my god I do there’s a niche there well I don’t know these days I think it’d be cooler there must be a load of different ones maybe could she like to track to Tokyo hello hello sheep tracking charged by attracted 4000 pounds great what’s the question you get asked most why your friends I went to a shopping center once I think was like the first time that I was really not wowed like people are watching my youtube channel because I was in McDonald’s and some guy came out oh my god what’s your videos and as I could nice to me is that was your car how did you get into YouTube okay I think either that or what’s it like to live in Monaco what’s the question get asked most by your fans what’s my favorite car out of mine which which one is there like with my one of my favorite and it’s impossible to answer yeah it depends on the day it depends what I’m doing picking between your children’s what’s your next car pretty right yeah and what is your next are probably an event stick so you can happen upgrade or you yeah getting both you know I would upgrade I don’t have an the most we just yeah yeah yeah people always want to know like a success yeah yeah like what would you advise that I do or like and I just say the same thing just start just go do something what’s the number one question you get asked by your fans a BMW almost say this what’s your main hate comment that I’m a spoiled kid it’s probably the thing that pops up the most people who just go like oh yeah you’re just sponging off your parents you know that’s me right yeah commenting oh really thank you oh that’s usually a face the color of your car you know that kind of stuff is everything yeah I used to be like really skinny like way too skinny so everyone just says I’m fat random like I went to year 2 the first hey comment I saw that like actually like here me with some guy guys if you stopped chasing after these cars in London you might know if you’re going a real job and stop chasing these cars and learn you one day or may be able to afford on editor I hate comment yeah I know the main column yeah say hey and say you dress like a teenager oh really yeah there’s blood dress my age I’ve seen that before there’s a like I’m aware of that I don’t think is really hate it’s like observe well thank you I mean hey and either died say to firstly when I shift up a gear in an Italian car I do this what’s your main hate comment the most annoying going YouTube probably is this actually the dream job it is the dream job but there are a lot of hidden size that people don’t see there’s a lot of work behind it but I think you know anything that’s so much fun there’s obviously gonna be a lot of work so I don’t think that’s a downside to it and genuinely there’s nothing I’d rather be you know to do I would say for a period definitely it’s intense it’s hard work because the exciting bits are driving really awesome cars going to make places is absolutely unbeatable but there is so much work you know for planning editing deciding what you’re going to do they even been here and I’m busy they’re good with planning what you’re doing the day after good words is this the dream job without that if you like cars of course going back to the second point if you don’t like cars it’s hell on earth is this the dream job yes it is holidays it’s not as easy it looks like you’re just going around doing a lot with pretty intense thing any job where you wake up you don’t actually feel that sinking feeling in your stomach that you’ve got to go to work is the dream dropper whatever scenario whether that be on YouTube whether that be in maybe you’re just like so passion about accounting and if you wake up in the morning a long way to go to work anyone know an accountant like that comment this I would love to know that person for me it is yeah because I love cars I love people and I really have come to enjoy the process of making videos especially now that I don’t have that at them is this the dream job do you think a million percent I love cars and to get to make money travel the world buy cars drive most cars and have fun with fans and share with people and the people I’ve met yeah I couldn’t think of anything more fun actually the treat I love it I’m in love because I have fun with what I do I think I’m a prove the screen and mascara world to meet people that enjoy is the same thing that I do whatever have fun with it I’m absolutely happy I don’t need anything else it’s so awesome so lot of new people new cars you know oh my god the energy coming around is just like radiating what else would you be doing if you weren’t doing this do you have like a secret talent or something I don’t have a secret talent I used to be in abandoned but it was awful so that’s why I’m no longer I think I probably would still be doing here because you know I it’s a lot about chat yeah and people can be really good at chat so I think I would have fluffed my way through it but actually delivering any results I think I want to still maintain somehow getting this piece beyond I studied mechanical engineering in college so probably working for an automotive company as a mechanical engineer I mean my dream is to be a racing driver if I’m knowing they’re good enough I’m really into music I used to DJ being a DJ sorry girls we’re taking him away from the clogged teach me your mess move best dance move best dance move let’s make it your job back okay like this the you gotta go this one supercard blondie she sent me this questionnaire asking what is my best move now I don’t know how to really say this lightly or subtly I don’t really have a best move but she’s got a v10 and goodness gracious she can’t scream supercar below NZ is really amazing supercar longley is a breath of fresh air to the car world and some and someone who’s the source so kind to everyone in the joy to be around supercar blondie is someone I met right back at the very start of the channel when we filmed in Dubai with an i8 and I’m a clarity supercar blondie is to buy exclusive supercar blondie is a hero an innovator on Instagram and the only girl out there currently killing it on social media in the automotive world supercar blondie is this is one supercar blondie is a blonde super karna is a very nice guy subscribe that’s it we’re out I hope you really enjoyed the video please make sure to like it and subscribe to my channel we’ve got so much more cool stuff coming I’m actually going to be answering those exact questions coming up really soon on my channel / gives you a little bit more inspiration if that’s something you’re looking to start alright love you bye

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