Install LPG on direct injection


Today is difficult to surprise car owners with new technologies. Install LPG on cars with engines with direct injection is not just an invention of engineers, and technological solution which allows you to save without the loss of power and engine life. The first LPG system was capricious and difficult to install. The important role played not only octane, but also a clean fuel, so the mass distribution to install LPG on direct injection is not received.

Today there is a possibility of installation of LPG, despite the fact that direct injection is often combined with the turbine, dual fuel system and other technological bells and whistles. In cars with direct injection is often used expensive components, such as fuel high pressure pump (injection pump) and a dedicated petrol injector. Anyway, some of the engines have become more complex. For example, Ford is EcoBoost engine, which due to special device to fix the engine in case overheating is impossible.

To account for all structural features with the installation of LPG on direct injection, it is necessary to use high quality diagnostic equipment and specialist must have a high level of qualification. Otherwise, error installation will cost how to overhaul the engine. But these precautions are not needed when it comes to LPG BRC. Unlike other systems, BRC Gas Equipment is designed in such a way that the human impact on the progress of the installation and configuration is minimal.

All the components of Italian gas systems BRC created in conjunction with design engineers cars. The result of cooperation is production that does not require any modifications, and accessories of LPG system BRC are certified and Magali as spare parts of cars.

In particular, the innovative SDI (Sequent Direct Injection) designed specifically for the transfer of gas engines with direct injection such as TSI, FSI, SkyActiv, EcoBoost, GDI. It works flawlessly, performing complex algorithm incorporated in the engine management.

We conclude: the installation of LPG on direct injection is the perfect solution for the economical operation of the engine. The main thing – to choose a trusted manufacturer and trust their auto professionals.

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