“Instead of a crown – a cow”: Toyota Crown will turn into a crossover

“Instead of a crown – a cow”: Toyota Crown will turn into a crossover


The fifteenth-generation Toyota Crown sedan appeared in the summer of 2018, and was updated just a week ago. It would seem a little early to think about a replacement. But according to the Chunichi Shimbun publication, Toyota didn’t just think. She decided to make the Crown a crossover in a new generation. If this happens, only the luxury Century will compete for the honor of Toyota’s large sedans with longitudinal architecture (as a brand).

Toyota Crown now has a turbocharger 2.0 (245 HP, 350 Nm) with an eight-speed “automatic” and rear-wheel drive, a hybrid system 2.5 (226 forces) with rear or all-wheel drive, plus a hybrid installation based on the V6 3.5 (359 forces) with rear-wheel drive.

Chunichi Shimbun promises the new Toyota Crown affinity with the Toyota Highlander crossover, which is somewhat strange, because the brand has enough floorboards on the “transverse” platform TNGA GA-K (from RAV4 to Harrier), but on the “longitudinal” TNGA GA-N from Crown – there is no.

It is hard to imagine that the Japanese will kill a sedan that dates back fifteen generations and was changed only recently. A more logical step seems to be similar to creating a Corolla Cross, that is, a model that exploits a popular name. After all, the Corolla Cross is not an elevated Corolla hatchback or Corolla station wagon, but has its own original body. However, Japanese journalists write that the crossover Crown will appear in Japan in 2022, will also be sold in the United States and China, and in 2023, its release will be adjusted in the United States.

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