Instead Of Disilicate – “Electroheat”? Volkswagen as always…

Instead Of Disilicate – “Electroheat”? Volkswagen as always…


VW claims that by the end of 2020 the market needs to do 100 thousand electric cars of the brand. Most of them model ID.3. But justify huge investments in the “electrification” (that is, the development of new technologies and modernization of production capacities), the company must fulfill the promise if not going to get penalties because of the average emissions by model range. This year they have been tightened to 95 g CO2 / km So the number of sold electric cars (which have zero emissions) is critical.


Nevertheless, developing electric car ID.3, Volkswagen faced a formidable challenge. The thing in software, to bring to mind that the company failed. Therefore, electric vehicles made right now can be called a simple “iron” lifeless due to the lack of a normal operating system. No wonder that such cars are stored on a huge outdoor venues (for example, near Leipzig).

And if the official statement of the General Director of Volkswagen Herbert Diess (Herbert Diess) full of optimism inside the company say that the situation is catastrophic. VW cannot supply a sufficient number of programmers for development, and Martin Hoffman (Martin Hoffman), responsible for the IT sector, is leaving the company.

One of the chances for Volkswagen may be joining efforts with other automakers. That’s why negotiations were started with Daimler (Mercedes produces cars) about General software development.

Meanwhile, the official plan of the first supply of electric cars VW ID.3 in the summer still remains in force. It is obvious that it will be more difficult to implement due to pandemic (and closed while the factories in Europe). But the company seems not, because if they lose this fight, you can find yourself with nothing called “analog cars” in the era of rampant electrification started Tesla.

If the company will manage to realize the project ID.3, then the reputation will be saved and customers will receive a relatively affordable electric car with some characteristic features. First, the battery capacity (i.e. reserve) you can select from three options: 45 (330 km), 58 (420 km) and 77 (550 km) kW*h. second, electric cars declared the possibility of fast charging from terminal with a capacity of 100 kW. Thirdly, even basic ID.3 has very good equipment: led optic, 18-inch wheels, adaptive cruise control and a mass of electronic assistants, 10-inch touch screen media, Parking sensors front and rear, rear view camera, and ambient interior lighting.

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