Instead of fines – gifts: action from the U.S. police

Instead of fines – gifts: action from the U.S. police


West Virginia police officers stopped violators and gave them gifts instead of fines. This is reported by the local branch of the national TV channel ABC.

The gifts were coupons to one of the fast food restaurant chains. In total, employees of the Charleston police department issued 50 such coupons, each of which allowed you to buy food for $ 10.

According to the police, they stopped only those who violated traffic rules – did not let pedestrians pass or did not stop in front of the stop line. Such drivers were given a small educational conversation, after which they were given gift cards.

Despite the good intentions of the police, who wanted to give the residents a festive mood in this way, users of social networks harshly criticized them for such an action. People noted that for any motorist to be stopped means a lot of stress.

“Yes, I also like to terrorize the residents of my district in order to put them in a festive mood,” the woman wrote in the comments to the journalist’s post on Twitter.

“Only fucking cops can think,’ haha, isn’t it great if we stop people, this is PR, ‘ but no one likes being stopped,” wrote the man, whose comment garnered 80 positive reactions.

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