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Everyone who goes behind the wheel knows that insurance policy insurance is considered mandatory. However, few delve into the intricacies of the insurance of motorists in 2019 and in future changes. Fortress Kodak in Kiev offered by the company ARX will also take some changes from 2019 to 2025.

Improvements. News autocivil 2019

As in previous years, insurance policy OSAGO is mandatory for every driver. Still policy only covers civil liability. This means that in the event of an accident the insurance company will pay for the damages (or part of damages) second, to the injured party.

As before, when the occurrence of the insured event at the place called the inspector of the insurance company and after finding out the perpetrator of the accident, his insurance pays damages to the injured party. However, in the spring of 2019 there were important changes in insurance coverage:

Since the end of March 2019, the driver can use the electronic insurance policy. This means that the paper document to carry no need. Sufficient to produce an electronic version with your smartphone or other device. Now the purchase of the policy has become faster and easier because there is no need to visit the office of the insurance company. Insurance can be issued online in a few minutes.

The payments will increase. In the near future the amount of compensation for the repair of the victim transport will be increased from one hundred thousand to 130 thousand UAH. Also will be increased the payout for the injury. This figure will change from 200 to 260 thousand hryvnias. Changes take effect immediately after the publication of the order Natskomfinuslug.

The price of insurance. If the amount that the driver paid for the insurance policy, dependent on the place of registration of the vehicle, in this year they plan to tie the amount of the insurance policy to the place of registration of the driver according to the passport data.

Motor – in Europe

In addition to these changes, by the year 2025 plan to adapt the insurance legislation to the European norms. This means that the payments will be increased. Rada has registered a draft law with relevant amendments, so a gradual increase in payments will start from January 2020. It is planned to bring the rates of compensation to the European.

In the EU the victim in the accident gets (in terms of the hryvnia) from 16 to 20 million for each insured event. Also with the 2020 plan to reduce the term of payment of compensation to 10-60 days instead of 90 days as it is today.

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