“Intelligent” all-wheel drive Geely. Whether to wait for this Volvo?

“Intelligent” all-wheel drive Geely. Whether to wait for this Volvo?


The Chinese company Geely has shared information on the new version of the crossover, Atlas Pro, which in the market of China known under the name Boyue Pro. Presentation of the car, the main feature of which will be electric all-wheel drive system, will be held in may this year. The working principle is based on the use of an additional electric motor in addition to a 48-volt starter generator.

This motor, if necessary, will transmit power to the rear wheels. This system has a number of advantages. First, the engine efficiency will increase by 20%. Secondly, through the use of the electric motor will decrease the amount of harmful emissions into the atmosphere.


Finally, the average fuel consumption in the combined cycle is just 6.4 liters per 100 kilometers, this result is much lower than that of its main competitors.

Initially there were doubts about the placement of the motor in the car but the successful experience of Toyota has shown the possibility of realization.

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