Intelligent pickup Wingle 7: model overview

Intelligent pickup Wingle 7: model overview

On the exhibition Agro Auto Show 2019 debuted a new pickup truck Great Wall Wingle 7. Representing a new generation of pickups Great Wall Wingle 7 is a excellent sense of style. With built-in crystal-diamond induction led headlights, a hexagonal chrome radiator grille, bumpers in the form of a lion’s mouth and tight wheel arches, 7 Wingle reminds brave lion, which expresses the splendor of the truck.

“This truck was not. In addition to stylish design, Wingle 7 combines the reliability, which is based on 22 years of experience in the production of pickups, and also the power of automotive innovation. From the point of view of technology and safety Great Wall Wingle 7 – a Grand model, which has many comfortable options, as well as intelligent security systems – says Borys Tkalenko, Director of the company “Bogdan-industry”. Wingle 7 is the choice of a modern farmer who uses innovative agricultural technologies in agriculture.”

Wingle 7 – the standard pickups in technology and security

The direction of the Great Wall Pickup is the standard of safety in the industry and Wingle pickups 7 as an improved product, equipped with enhanced security system. Thanks to the many safety technologies such as rear view camera, sensor, reversing, TPMS, Bosch ESP 9-th generation, BA (brake assist system), 6 airbags and high-strength body, Wingle 7 ready to provide reliable protection in the most unexpected situations.

The car body is made of galvanized sheet material with high strength and anti-corrosion capacity, which effectively reduces the maintenance cost. The Wingle body 7, which consists of an absorbing zone and a high strength area of the cabin, can absorb energy in a collision and distribute it to all parts of the body, thus effectively reducing the deformation of the cabin. In addition, the production of Wingle 7 was applied to international advanced technology of laser welding Kuka robots to make a molecular fusion of welding more efficient and to improve the stiffness, strength and lifetime of a car. In emergency situations the vehicle body is deformed, but not broken, which greatly increases the safety of the vehicle.

Wingle 7 has a high maneuverability thanks to the use of spring independent suspension. Given the carrying capacity, the optimal structure of the form 3 + 2 from the steel plate and the spring used to reduce vibration and improve the comfort of the whole car. Test for durability and endurance for steel plate leaf springs were carried out 200000 times, which exceeds 2.5 times the test of endurance in the Chinese standard. So the life cycle Wingle 7 extremely high.

Wingle 7 – professional-level pickup truck SUV

Wingle 7 is the first pickup truck with the interior design, which corresponds to the level of a passenger car. The car offers a comfortable configuration including a hinged screen, comfortable driver’s cab and automatic air conditioning. It is also worth noting a good sound insulation: at idle, the noise level may be only 45 dB, so while driving the car will give a relaxing and comfortable feeling of driving, like driving a high end SUV.

Wingle 7 equipped with an engine GW4D20D, one of the “10 best engines” of China, which is characterized by high efficiency and low fuel consumption. Diesel engine of 2.0 T produces a maximum power of 143 HP and maximum torque of 315 Nm/ 1400-2800 rpm, that demonstrates leadership among engines of the same class. Thanks to its 6-speed manual transmission fuel consumption is 7.6 l/100 km.

Excellent drivetrain, combined with off-road four-wheel drive system with electronic control for off-road power Wingle 7, comparable to a professional SUV. 7 applies Wingle electronic all-wheel drive system from BorgWarner. When enabled, low gear torque can be increased to 2.48 times increase in performance and pulling power of the truck. At the same time, the locking rear differential from Eaton improves the ability of a car to overcome road difficulties.

“Ground clearance 7 Wingle is 212 mm, which provides high permeability of the pickup , particularly in hilly and tough roads. – says Borys Tkalenko. The maximum angle of elevation of the new Wingle exciting 7 reaches 35%. Just imagine what obstacles can overcome this truck.”

Wingle 7 uses ventilated disc brakes on all four wheels, which improves the braking effect of the entire car and greatly increases the sensitivity of the braking. In addition, Wingle 7 uses the supporting structure of the body, simultaneously is equipped with cross bar stabilizer, which greatly improves the lateral stability and vehicle handling.

Model in Ukraine can be purchased at a price of 638 400 UAH. On customer choice the car is presented in two versions with a standard truck platform and in a long version.

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