Interior Lamborghini Urus floor-to-ceiling sheathed in blue skin

Interior Lamborghini Urus floor-to-ceiling sheathed in blue skin


Atelier Mansory has developed a tuning kit for the Lamborghini Urus Venatus. The package of improvements consists of the complete restringing of the interior, replacement of body panels on carbon chiropodistry kit and brake motor. The dominant color is blue with yellow accents.

All elements of the interior Lamborghini Urus from Mansory is decorated in the colours, and the body: a bright skin from floor to ceiling lined the entire interior, including seats, door cards, ceiling, front panel, lower part of steering column.

Contrasted with lapis lazuli lemon yellow logos workshop, the stitching of the seats, trim, floor mats and deflectors of ventilation. On the ceiling embroidered diamond-shaped patterns with white lights and a starry sky effect.

Exterior of the crossover gave individuality due to the fender flares, custom bumpers, original side skirts, new bonnet and a pair of rear spoiler complex shape. Elements made of carbon fiber. Regular exhaust gave way to a custom three-piece muffler reducer in the style of the rocket.


All parts of the bodykit are made in a deliberately aggressive style; alternatively Mansory offers two wheel designs: twisted or desyatiletiya unidirectional semispecies with a thick border. For clarity, for a photo session left on Urus set some wheels, and the right others.

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In addition to external improvements, Mansory ready to increase the return of the 4.0-liter “byturbulence” with 650 horsepower and 850 Nm of torque forces to 810 and 1000 Nm. Force allows to reduce time of acceleration up to 100 kilometers per hour to 3.3 seconds and to increase the maximum speed to 320 kilometers per hour.

Price modifications Mansory did not disclose, but given the scale of alterations cheap kit Venatus will not. For example, presented a year ago Rolls-Royce Cullinan with tuning Mansory Billionaire was worth 880 thousand dollars.

Would pay more for a Urus?

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