Interior of the new crossover Mazda CX-60


Mazda continues the teaser campaign ahead of the premiere of the new CX-60 SUV, scheduled for March 8th. The CX-60 will be the first crossover in the Large Product Group announced in the fall of 2021. It will include large cars on a rear-wheel drive platform, with which the Japanese are going to move into the more expensive segment of the car market. This is confirmed by the first teaser of the interior with premium trim, published on the YouTube channel of the brand.

The 12-second clip shows the front panel and part of the Mazda CX-60 door card with Nappa leather trim, chrome accents and decorative maple wood inlays. The weave that connects the fabric on the dashboard is inspired by the Japanese technique of working with musubu fabric, which is also used on other crossovers in the line.

The appearance of the CX-60 was previously fully revealed in a spy shot, and in early February, Mazda published the first teaser. It was made according to the Kodo proprietary concept, which the company has been following for ten years, but with some new “chips” – a long hood and diode strips that extend onto the radiator grill.

As for technology, the rear-wheel drive SUV will be offered with a hybrid power plant based on a 2.5-liter gasoline engine paired with an electric motor. Their combined output will exceed 300 horsepower. In addition, the range will include in-line “sixes”, which will also receive an electrical superstructure in the form of a 48-volt starter-generator.

The CX-60 will premiere on March 8th. The crossover will not reach the USA: Mazda plans to sell its larger “brother” under the CX-70 index there. Within two years, the seven-seat CX-80 will also enter the European lineup, followed by the CX-90 overseas.

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