Interns Bentley rebuilt the engine of 1920-ies

Interns Bentley rebuilt the engine of 1920-ies


In honor of the 100th anniversary of the Bentley brand, a project was launched to restore the three-liter engine in 1923. The work was entrusted to interns who have performed it over 700 hours.

The participants of the project had the task to revive the four-cylinder engine 3.0, which was installed on the chassis 209 and for 70 years belonged to the Royal school of artillery troops.

First unit had to completely disassemble, photograph, describe and tag each item, to conduct washing and cleaning of old paint, then assemble and demonstrate at the exhibition in the headquarters of Bentley in Crewe. In addition to the restoration work, the interns instructed the planning, budgeting and risk assessment.


This engine was born after just four years since inception of the company. About the first years of its operation to historians, virtually nothing is known, however, in the mid 30-ies of the last century, the Assembly was in Dorset, where the Royal school of artillery troops. For example, students studied the structure of the internal combustion engine.

In September, Bentley set a record, collecting on one platform 1321 car from different historical eras – from the oldest EXP2 1920 to ultra EXP 100 GT.

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