Interview with Shmee150 in Dubai!

Interview with Shmee150 in Dubai!


Interview with Tim Burton aka Shmee150 in Dubai – see what happens when I meet him in my BMW i8.Follow me on Instagram: Follow Shmee150 on Instagram: Check out Tim’s Youtube:Thanks to BMW AGMCMusic by:Letting Go by The Loyalist –

this guy this weekend it’s an i8 counter weekend this is what I’ve got in my parking lot today when you look at it it’s like stepping into the future don’t you think I mean looks wise this is my favorite car at the moment engine-wise may be a different story but looks wise for sure it is UAE national day here today and what do you think people do in the UAE to celebrate we get together with our supercars so I’m going to be going to the Autodromo here in Dubai where there’s going to be about 400 cars let’s go for Cedar as well I quite like getting into this car it’s like you just fall into it it’s cool and inside doesn’t it look awesome cars off cars on it’s pretty cool the solid base absolute silence in this car I’m in hybrid mode at the moment so electric motors we go around this corner but if you speed up too quickly the petrol engine kicks in did you hear that so now we’ve got the petrol engine working so I’m going to show you something pretty cool here on the dashboard when you’re in electric mode everything’s in blue and then once you switch it into petrol mode everything turns red so you know exactly which mode you’re in because sometimes to be honest when the petrol mode is kicked in the engine isn’t very loud so you don’t always know it that’s the thing I’m in electric mode right now super quiet the only thing you can hear you may be able to hear is a little like buzzing noise kind of like you’re in a spaceship I quite enjoy that noise actually this guy thinks he can show off his engine I’ve got two engines what does it sound like that no and that’s okay because that’s not why you buy the ia to buy it for other reasons it’s a super smooth Drive because of the electric engine if of course if you care about the environment that’s also a good thing so now we’re going to the UAE national day car event and have to say it is pretty much the 8 central just take a look to your right what do you see mustang central it is here so I’m not sure how we’re gonna go with our I ate although look at this guy he’s already filming us look this is something Wow so this is your outer limit yes and so you can do whatever you want with this space yes okay okay maybe I should put some spikes on my own this car has a 1.5 liter engine petrol engine and it gets about 230 horsepower but then with the electric engine you get another 130 horsepower on top of that so what we’re doing now is we’re about to me wish me are you doing magic a cyclically easy rise here in 37 sorry it’s a quick – quick laughs we’ve both got doors to do this I hope you didn’t you would have to have to compare these two quick to cars I know you can’t really they’re so completely different where does the i8 wind it has an electric mode it will go further on it will go further on electric power winning get out my way all right we got to make sure we I just arrived I don’t know where schmears super-slow is fun so uh this is Shmi needs no introduction he’s just been leathering up on sunscreen because I need it badly English boy in the desert I was gonna say you literally brought me to the middle of I don’t even know to the middle of nowhere you know I said I’ve got this really nice stretch of road here that we can go to he goes here this is bloody typical in Dubai goes nowhere Thanks right hey it’s a u-turn in the sand and and then we’d go and park on this is the kind of stuff we do on the weekend – yeah I don’t find it patches and just rock there so anyways so I thought we’d just take this opportunity because Shmi is in Dubai are just this week it’s not just tenders and a there’s a couple of events the Grand Prix and their national day of course catch up with him see what he’s all about um who is the real Shmi don’t Dada da good question yes Shmi first of all I don’t know I should know this should I know this why that name where’s come from second nickname you know come on you what you have a name Radio blondie Averill have our names that start it somewhere we signed up whether it was when you sign up to email and the late 90s – carats like a hot stuff at gmail yeah I’m hot and I know everybody of this sort of a generation has that everybody has something it’s what they use and it’s what you use for your email is what you used if you sign up for a shopping website yeah eBay your yahoo account you were for thinking though getting at just one name for everything like that well I think that was mostly a sort of thing of chance the name I happen to pick is something so stupid anyone else would have to say yeah so she was like my name for computer games I was probably the main one her she’s a teenager 15 years ago so playing online games and I came in but how did you try what wish me what no no cause I mean Radio blondie it’s like I’m not a waiter and I’ve got blond hair yeah means like like worries me um I don’t really know it’s just the name I signed up I think we worked out I used it first once about nine years old yeah okay so yeah and it’s just stuck yep it’s that and then I know where the 150 came from because one time when I tried that wasn’t gonna be my neck so anyway the when I signed up to a website once Shmi was already taken yes I offered me do you watch me 9 8 7 6 5 4 3 2 whatever right and I just clicked for me on 51 OFI there it is and that was the second option or something she want and it’s stop you’ve been here for ten days or so now what’s the best thing you’ve seen because you have little overhead so back to back schedule yeah I’ve literally been on the go from waking up in the morning yeah an early early flip here yeah most people seem to get up quite late in the car while they do yeah until pretty late at night I flew out with one thing planned it was to go to the Grand Prix immediately met up with a friend who’s just taken delivery of a McLaren MS OHS which is new and very very cool then in the afternoon friend he’s got a very wrong fetus then next day sorted out going to watch the Grand Prix from yacht which was an amazing day obviously I think probably my favorite thing I’ve done which is not necessarily because it’s the newest latest what was driving a Porsche Carrera GT is that the first time you’ve driven a Carrera GT yes I say it was basically so I mean I’m very fortunate I’ve been able to drive an awful lot rather nice cars yeah I’ll speaking to you earlier this week me like yeah I mean in a Melbourne ofd burger AAM’s something like I well seen see yeah yeah I’ve driven a couple bean in there careful during one just before coming here as it happens but like my short list of cars so I’ve driven most of the modern stuff you’re left for RP 119 fair on iro Koenigseggs that kind of stuff and I’m trying to go through the backlog and I’ve driven some things like the Enzo mc12 by 50 or 40 but one of the cars that’s been really missing for me though I haven’t ever driven but obviously know a lot about is the Carrera GT right and it’s obviously come to a lot of Fame for how challenging it is to drive and how dangerous it may or may not be obviously the Paul Walker incident that everybody knows about so I’ve always been intrigued to drive it and but nothing’s ever I’ve never found one that I’ve been able to get behind the wheel of it so happen what was it like freaking or was it really utterly brilliant it wasn’t usable survived what yeah the clutch is is definitely challenging I didn’t stall it I’m proud to say yeah well I think a lot of people through first go but it has a beautiful sounding v10 and a very nicely set up manual gearbox it’s a dream or what cost you own right now I know how many do you at the moment so as of right now five five guys okay um flagship the mclaren 675lt Spyder yep following a few MacLaren’s that’s my sort of favorite car what’s the first McLaren you bought at a 12c okay then the 650s which was like facelift then the 675lt Kupe which is like the hardcore track version then the LT Spyder I guess the hosiery version right let’s call it but I Drive it a lot I’ve had this one for about three and a half months now and it’s done 9,000 kilometers already and this is the one that you’ve got in purple we sparkly little that’s the purple it’s purple with blue sparkle and the blue sparkles are in the same color as my Cooper had before how do you get away with that in London like a driver has to be obviously diverse on the car the car spends most of it’s life not in London right it’s been to Bosnia Montenegro Croatia Spain and everywhere between oh yeah through Europe I’m sounds like the flash it then I have a Ferrari FF 4c my practical daily car why should we 12 might have a four seed I mean do you really need one though no but but sometimes you know I’ve used the car to lug up set of tires in it for them well you use it FF to lug a set of tires in the back for the McLaren yeah that’s happened right it’s been to Ikea I went to war like a two and a bit metre tall cabinet are you serious no what I think it’s what about an ironing board just throw it over here here’s my philosophy a daily driver generally is just a car that you gonna use for going to A to B yeah but quite often you’re gonna be sat in traffic you’re gonna be bored miserable depressed whatever you know Ferrari in the UK no no no Hamlet suffer right right but in the UK we have pretty bad traffic yeah every day and it’s a bad weather as he mentioned yes pretty miserable yeah so why not try and cheer yourself up in traffic by driving in something that’s awesome I totally I’d rather be stuck in a traffic jam or something cool then people say here all the time it’s a car it gets you from A to B no it doesn’t how it makes you feel how it’s how it makes people around you feel that’s a big thing yeah like I certainly feel that you know if I am ever coming back to my car in a car park or something and there’s some kids around this thing letting them have a sit in it have a look around it’s like an aspirational kind of thing it sets them some targets and things I think it’s really cool to be able to share like my position hangouts drive the cars with other people so what you’re saying is this is your community service driving forever Clarence I can touch me I spend I say now someone told me a little birdie you are gonna be buying ten new cars this year is that right not necessarily not a year but in this is happening right boy that’s why spoiler YouTube video name Shmi buys ten new cars in one year okay so okay I think basically so I’ve got a couple of cars on order on my channel I’ve got my Aston Martin Vantage GT 8 cash is a pretty limited car that’s coming in to replace basically replace my current Porsche Cayman gt4 which is up for sale at the moment that’s gonna arrive in the next couple of weeks which is quite exciting group then I also have just want to think about a full Focus RS and an old mini check me on the car so the Porsche is going for the Aston then at some point next year is the Mercedes AMG GT are just going to be like my I guess my road tripping kind of car when I download zuv miles on it Justin it’s my first Mercedes so on a discover what they’re all about so that’s going to come in and I’ve just heard there might be a little delay so that’d be summertime I think then the Ford GT of also sad is incoming I was lucky enough to get an outboard how many would have are they making initial run 500 there will be another batch but they haven’t said how many probably 400 cars 450 cars but I think for the UK we’re sort of talking 15 most kind of things another more than half the cars well they haven’t actually said allocations yet but more than half of them will go to America yeah I presume the UK there’ll be a bit of delay but that’s obviously a pretty exciting that’s gonna be super awesome so what do you want to do with that car what is that car to you you know you’ve got your everyday tire your mileage go do you know what this is one of the really funny things for GT so there are a lot of people car fans out there yeah myself included who are mad about this car but we don’t actually yet know how much horsepower it’s got it’s just that over 600 we don’t know what it weighs we don’t know lots of the features like a mystery but we don’t know it’s performance capability it’s cool so I’m feeling a bit like I’m that’s really excited about this thing but I don’t know what it is well yeah what is gonna go it’s like unwrapping a present I dismiss right I think it’s yeah and it’s gonna be you know I guess the pinnacle of my collection is sight is it slightly above VLT so it’s gonna be your show-off car car yeah go pop you know what I’m not going to just you know ship it to something and then appear and then put it back home again yeah I want to try and share the car like take it I want to if I’m not gonna use it for a month I want to send it on a tour some dealers so people can see it I want to take it to different countries if things go completely might in my direction in my favor sorry I would like to do something cool with it when it take when I take delivery of it in America and then maybe pop it in a plane on a plane somewhere else in the world here might be fun yeah a little plane same I guess the car if I get really really lucky yeah and things go completely right maybe in some strange world I’ll end up with UK registered for GT here IV also you’ve ridiculous yeah but it’s so backwards he’s obviously for me where my youtube channel started was actually filming a lot of the cars from here coming to London all right a lot of the UAE plate plated cars coming for the some holidays supercar wise where have you seen the best supercars you’ve been everywhere to look around goodness so there are basically four places um London in the South of England LA in California right um Dubai in the UAE yeah can you say do-boy yeah I did I we’re right here supercar central and Monaco sik so it for me it’s those four places I was actually thinking about this the other day like spending out how Abby reticle world could work spending sort of a quarter of the year in each of those four places just to it would be pretty awesome wouldn’t really is there anything that people don’t know about you – II know so if Jimmy wants to try and tell you that he’s normal you’re a normal person so what you want to get across like some awful person it’s taken a very long time and half of that or more than half that it was not a business it was just a hobby uploading it starting uploading videos seven or eight years ago was just a video every day because it’s fun yeah the cars are fun yeah of course so that’s why you become so successful you’re doing what you love so you’re telling me that it’s not you good looks I don’t think so no not the good looks and personality taken no cars and cars they don’t for you yeah all right well let’s go for a spin okay all right let’s see what you got so they how many times have you driven an i8 why first time just a quick sort of preview thing second time at least and test it out okay what did you think initially I think the cool thing about it is how futuristic it is you know you look at it and the phrase I used before is basically that it looks like a concert park that’s turned out into a production vehicle that’s exactly it and then you start driving about this and this is electric sort of UFO it’s super cool the noise really just a little work and it’s so peaceful yet if you want to drive in a sporty way it handles well you’ve got the carbon tub you’ve got well the inline three cylinder engine kicks in yeah and things spruce up a little bit here the thing is is that you’ve got speakers here don’t you yep the noise is semi are sufficiently and most strange but it’s not something I get out a lot of talk there is a lot of torque it pulls away kind of surprising the edge would you enjoy driving this car every day just isn’t so smooth yeah I mean you don’t have to do this is take you back out of sport mode and that’s where it does its funky thing with going in and out of hybrid mode and you know what actually just thinking about that this has the hybrid style technology the outside of like hyper car money you know the the McLaren p1 Ferrari laferrari Porsche 918 this technology it’s only really this car and the Honda NSX yeah do you have is it accurate out here maybe we don’t we don’t see a lot of them we only see Prius yeah you’ve got so you got the frame others like the the so we have presses everywhere in London where I are in the shower patrols everywhere I exactly like the car of the road oh then I’m playing it I know it’s it’s really clever it’s really tricky you’ll sort of as mesmerized by the technology as you I’m actually driving it the novelty of driving this car is just seeing the looks from everyone else arrive around and especially here I’m not sure about in London but there are only a handful on the roads here yeah people say they’re like little bit firstly though oh well it’s cooler than you see the BMW yeah they’re like wow wow ee makes carbon looks like that it’s exactly I think honestly it’s a little underpowered and the total parents 350 horsepower which does not get you performance figures that the car of this price like in my opinion should but that is because it is an entry into this sort of technology market all right so we’ve got uh schmooze take on the i8 yeah overall I like editin Oh doctor good number yeah no I’m just resting yeah is I know I want them to give me an i8 one day I’m not gonna say God look at the good side I think it’s a great car but you’d have to start thinking steering characteristics handling characters yeah like performance and everything and draw up a number yeah no I forgive you somewhere any sort of somewhere somewhere you know actually I’m going to I’m gonna give it a six and a half oh but hold on I’m quite real with my numbers I’m not gonna have every car in the like eight to ten Brack what’s a 10 have you given any car 10 is a 675 yeah okay what it is all right wish me it’s been an amazing time likewise thank you very much for meeting with me um and we’ll get you back into some aircon proper icon well this is good you can just tell he’s perfect all right good yeah um I just wanted to ask you um what’s your favorite car do you know what genuinely favourite car in the world driver I could own any that I’ve driven yeah I can as I can only go from experience the Carrera GT this week and the Ferrari f50 just because of the novelty value there’s no key because the way they make you feel both cars have to be 6-speed manual z– proper involvement the Ferrari has a v12 that’s derived from the Formula One car Porsche has a v10 that’s derived from their Lamont car they are race inspired cars fully for the road all about experience and they are both epic all right there you go you got it from him favorite food in Dubai all right that’s it guys had a fantastic day it was awesome to meet me I’m such a nice guy and enjoy the rest of the weekend I hope you guys have an awesome one too don’t forget to subscribe to my channel thank you all right I made it

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