Introduced a new electric hypercar Othello

Introduced a new electric hypercar Othello


Chinese company Farnova Automotive has shown its first model: an electric hypercar called Othello.

The new hypercar from China is the brainchild of businessman Guo Galin, owner of the Farnova Yacht shipyard. Like Farnova Automotive, the shipbuilding firm is based in Shenzhen. Galin launched his car business in 2019, and, according to Chinese media reports, the company has a strategic partnership agreement with the notorious Qiantu Motors brand.

So, Qiantu Motors also became famous thanks to electric cars. The debut model called Qiantu K50 entered the market in 2018, and even sold successfully, but now this company is going through hard times. Meanwhile, according to preliminary information, it is on the chassis of the K50 model that the new Farnova Othello hypercar is based, although neither externally nor technically the cars intersect.

For the Farnova Othello hypercar, 1835 hp are declared. and 12,000 Nm of torque. The battery capacity of the Swedish company Northvolt is 75 kilowatt-hours. Without recharging, the Othello electric car supposedly travels 600 km, and spends 1.9 seconds to accelerate to the first “hundred”. Moreover, its maximum speed reaches 420 km / h.

Farnova Automotive calls Othello’s design “Italian.” The hypercar received a retractable wing, an air brake, and a massive diffuser. There is minimalism in the cabin. The start of production of new items worth 1.86 million yuan (approximately $ 288,100) is scheduled for 2023. They also plan to produce pickups and electric buses under the Franova brand.

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