Introduced off-road C-Class All-Terrain

Introduced off-road C-Class All-Terrain


As part of the Munich Motor Show, Mercedes-Benz has shown the 2022 C-Class station wagon in a more off-road version of the All-Terrain. Among other things, the new product received an increased ground clearance.

Not all new Mercedes-Benz models unveiled at the 2021 Munich Motor Show are electrified. The elevated C-Class All-Terrain made its official debut in early August, but its first public appearance is now taking place at the IAA Auto Show.

Admittedly, a small change in ride height makes such a strong visual change.

The C-Class All-Terrain is only 40 millimeters taller than the regular version of the German station wagon, but the photographs taken of the novelty help to see such a dramatic change. This is not to say that the official Mercedes photos showing the van taking off into the air were unimpressive, but we doubt the owners of the C-Class will go on such an adventure.

This particular model is a C 220 d, which means it has a 2.0-liter turbocharged diesel engine under the hood. Of course, part of the All-Terrain improvement means it gets the Mercedes 4Matic all-wheel drive system, although it comes with two new driving modes that you wouldn’t normally find. Offroad, as you would expect, is designed for rough terrain. The second mode, called Offroad +, includes a downhill speed adjustment that controls the van if you find yourself on a steep trail. Although, to be completely honest, we’re not sure how Goodyear’s low-profile All-Terrain will handle situations like this.

That said, we suspect most Mercedes customers will leave behind such an unexplored G-Class exploration. The C-Class All-Terrain obviously aims to compete with the Audi A4 Allroad, offering a little more options for off-road enthusiasts who aren’t keen on the price of SUVs. Sorry,

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