Introduced the new Lynk Co 02 Hatchback

Introduced the new Lynk Co 02 Hatchback


The Lynk & Co 02 model was released three years ago as an elevated golf-class cross-hatchback with engines up to 190 horsepower. But for the most powerful version, the automaker decided to sacrifice a precious “crossover” image, so it named the car – Lynk & Co 02 Hatchback.

Lynk & Co already has experience in developing road-going “charged” cars – this is the all-wheel drive sedan Lynk & Co 03+, which was presented in 2019. The new Lynk & Co 02 Hatchback did not get all-wheel drive (only the front one), but the power unit is exactly the same. It is a 2.0-liter turbo from the Drive-E range that develops 254 hp. and 350 Nm of maximum torque, in combination with the 8-speed automatic transmission Aisin.

The visually “charged” Lynk & Co 02 Hatchback differs from the base cross-model by a plastic body kit in the body shade and more aggressive styling of bumpers. A large spoiler on the fifth door was originally present, while at the rear of the car there are now four large exhaust pipes. The suspension of the novelty has been reconfigured and the ground clearance has been reduced.

To the first “hundred”, the new Lynk & Co 02 Hatchback accelerates in 6.2 seconds, losing only 0.3 seconds to the all-wheel drive sedan. The current model Volkswagen Golf GTI (245 hp) spends the same 6.2 seconds on this exercise. On sale Lynk & Co 02 Hatchback will appear closer to the summer, but so far only in China.

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