Introducing the new Land Rover Defender

Introducing the new Land Rover Defender


Introducing the new Land Rover Defender. Reincarnated legend for in the twenty-first century. Smart, functional and safe is a great option for you and your family.

A new Defender is created for those who have the spirit of adventure and inquisitive mind, who respect society and not afraid to change the world for the better.

A silhouette that is not confused with another car – so familiar and simultaneously new. He is strong in appearance and powerful in practice. You’ll be impressive and functional design. Car Defender has a legendary name, form and possible. You can easily adjust the car so that it is most suitable to the style of your life.

The result of years of development and groundbreaking innovation, the car won its place in the hearts of researchers, humanitarian organizations and the families who love adventure around the world. New cars Land Rover Defender are worthy representatives of their family, because they have proven their reliability in the most extreme conditions.

The new Defender has inherited the unique luxury and perfection characteristic of the car Range Rover and is extremely functional and practical SUV Discovery. He is worthy of continuing the dynasty of the Land Rover. Version with a wheelbase of 110 – a new start for the family of the most functional and reliable all-wheel-drive SUVs in the world. Soon it will be joined by a version with a wheelbase of 90. And in 2020, the line will join a number of practical commercial models.


Inspired by the passion and respect to the original model, the new Defender transformerait and expands the boundaries of what is possible and changes the view of travel in the twenty-first century due to modern off-road technologies, retaining a real pioneering spirit inherent in the Land Rover has for 71 years.

Emotionally expressive design

A distinctive silhouette of Defender is easy to learn and minimal front and rear overhangs provide excellent angles for entry and exit. The designers at Land Rover have created a new vision of the famous Defender of the XXI century, giving the new SUV a strong and purposeful posture and providing a window on the roof, and at the same time retaining such a characteristic and recognizable elements like the rear boot door and a spare wheel mounted on it.

The main design Director Land Rover Gerry McGovern says:

“We have created a new Defender and are confident that he is ready for any adventure. In the design of the past of the car we are not deterred, but rather inspired. Its original grille, elegant surface and command posture give it a modern and confident look, which distinguish this family of cars. So we left important items that make the car so recognizable Defender”.

Update the image of the present Defender also touched the interior. Visible structural elements and mounts that were previously hidden. They highlight the concise design and practicality of the car. One of the innovative solutions: setting the shift lever to the console, which made space for an optional center front folding seat, as in early versions of the Land Rover.

The result of the Defender 110 provides configuration of the seats 5, 6, or 5+2, and the amount of space for storage behind the second row seats up to 1075 liters. The volume is increased to 2380 litres if you fold the second row seats. In versions with a wheelbase of 90 can accommodate up to 6 passengers along with the driver is the convenience and comfort in a compact family hatchback.

Easy to use practical features include touch screens and modern technological innovation. Reliable rubberized flooring makes it quick and easy to get rid of dirt and marks that can not be avoided in daily travels or unforgettable expedition, so your salon will always be perfectly clean. Optional textile folding roof gives a feeling of space and allows passengers in the second row of a vehicle with a wheelbase of 110 to stand upright, to feel like a real Safari**.

An example of this reliability

New specially designed architecture D7x (for extreme trips) from Land Rover at its core is the lightweight aluminum construction type, monocoque, creating a rigid body of all bodies of Land Rover. He’s three times stiffer than a traditional frame options, so provides an excellent basis for a completely independent pneumatic or spring suspension and goes well with modern engines.

New it withstood more than 62,000 engineering tests. Body structure and chassis has been specially designed to easily withstand the testing in extreme conditions, during which the car is experiencing repeated and prolonged exposure to beyond the normal conditions of use of SUV and passenger car.

During testing in the development phase, prototypes were more than 1.2 million miles in the harsh conditions of our planet – 50 °C heat in deserts to 40 °C Arctic frost, rising to a height of 3000 m above sea level in the Rocky mountains, Colorado.

Professional world-class on-road and off-road

Unsurpassed off-road capabilities significantly set a new Defender. The permanent all-wheel drive, two-stage automatic transmission, Central differential and optional active locking rear differential gives confidence that the car has everything to overcome the treacherous sand of the desert, freezing Arctic cold under any conditions.


Technology Configurable Terrain Response first appeared in the new Defender, allowing experienced drivers to create their own settings to adapt to current road conditions. At the same time, less experienced drivers can enable the system to select the optimal settings for off-road in automatic mode.

The new architecture of the body for ground clearance 291 mm and the innovative geometry of the terrain and provides the values of the angles of approach, the longitudinal permeability and the Congress 38, 28 and 40 degrees, respectively, for the wheelbase 110 (height off-road). The maximum depth of overcoming Ford is 900 mm. Also, the driver will help the new program of overcoming of Ford in the Terrain Response 2 system which gives confidence in overcoming water obstacles.

Modern technology ClearSight Ground View from the Land Rover allows drivers to use the off-road capabilities of the Defender car in full now, they will be able to see on the Central touch screen of the area that usually closes the hood.

As a result, the new car Defender extends, raising to a new level off-road qualities and comfort control on the track. To move around in dense city traffic as easily as to climb high into the mountains to cross the desert and overcome the ways in conditions of low temperature. Emergency handling gives an unforgettable experience of management and excellent comfort during long trips in all road conditions.

Power and efficiency ***

Due to the wide range of modern petrol and cleaner diesel engines, you can be assured that the new Defender will be a powerful, manageable and effective under all conditions. At the same time next year, the range will complement the plug-in hybrid engine (PHEV), opening the prospects for the emergence of quiet, all-electric cars.

The range of diesel engines includes four-cylinder and six-cylinder powerful P300 P400 with distinctive and effective technology for mild hybrids. Alternatively, customers can choose between four-cylinder diesel engine and powerful four-cylinder D200 D240 – both will provide fuel consumption to 7.6 l/100 km and CO2 emissions at 199 g/km (NEDC equivalent).

Innovative engineering solutions ensure efficiency of management. For example, a flat bottom optimizes the aerodynamic performance of the entire line and protects the bottom of the car from damage.

Technologies of the XXI century

A new Defender is reliable and has many advanced technologies. For the first time the car has a new infotainment system PIVI Pro from Land Rover. New generation touch screens more intuitive and easy to use and require less input to perform most frequently used tasks, and the optimized design ensures immediate response.

Executive Director of product design range Rover, Nick Rogers said:

“We have combined the amazing features of the car Defender minimalistic and practical interior to create a new vision of the legend in the XXI century. Updated Defender allows you to take another look at things, to push boundaries and do the unthinkable and not lose its character and authenticity. From the beginning we have strived to achieve a high level of functionality thanks to the carefully selected materials and cutting-edge communication technologies. The result was not only creating the most functional Land Rover, but really comfortable and modern cars, which is a pleasure to manage.”

Personalized for your world

The new Defender will be available in two variants wheelbases – 90 and 110. Version 90 will have up to six seats, and the version 110 – options with five, six seats or configuration of 5+2. Model number are picking a Defender, First Edition and fully loaded, Defender X, and the standard version of S, SE, HSE. Customers will receive even more opportunities to personalise their cars with packages of accessories. Packages Explorer, Adventure, Country and Urban Packs give the car a Defender expressive character thanks to a specially developed range of finishes. Exclusive First Edition model has unique specifications and will be available in the first year of production.

Buyers can purchase as an option, a new protective film to protect the outer layer of paint. This upgraded protective coating contains no solvents and can be fully recycled. It protects from nearly everything from scratch in the Parking lot or thorny bushes. The film will be available as a factory option in colours, Indus Silver, Gondwana and Pangea Green Stone. It will protect the new paintwork of your car and give it a modern look.

Besides the packages of accessories there is a wide selection of individual accessories for your Land Rover Defeder, which could not boast of even a single Land Rover vehicles – from electric hoist with remote control***** tents on the roof and inflatable waterproof tents to the more usual systems for the towing and roof rails.


Marketing Director of Jaguar Land Rover Felix Brautigam says:

“New Defender available on 128 world markets, meets, and sometimes exceeds, the strictest requirements on emissions and safety. Our new SUV was created for those who have the spirit of adventure and an inquisitive mind, and the use of advanced technology helped us create a strong unique character that distinguishes Defender”.

* only in the USA (3500 kg for the UK, Europe and other countries).

** Textile sliding roof, available from launch for the version of the Defender 90 will be available for version 110 in 2020.

*** These values are the result of official tests conducted by the manufacturer in accordance with the European legislation. Indicators are intended for comparative purposes only. Actual performance may vary. The CO2 emissions and fuel consumption is influenced by such factors as management style, environmental conditions, cargo and accessories. The value of the mileage of electric vehicles was determined for production cars on standardized routes. The value of the mileage depends on car series, battery status, route, environmental conditions and driving style.

b All the built-in technology should be used by drivers with safety regulations. The drivers shall continuously monitor the car’s movement.

***** Electric winch with remote control and mounting kit winch will be available in early 2020.

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