Introduction of the Euro 7 emission standard revised again

Introduction of the Euro 7 emission standard revised again


Within this decade, Europe intends to introduce the euro-7 environmental standard. this was announced several years ago, so that automakers would have the opportunity to adapt their factories to new conditions and modernize their models.

However, the current global situation has forced the European Commission to soften future regulations and make them more acceptable to manufacturers. It is reported that they plan to abandon the equation of emission standards for all cars and vans. This will allow companies not to invest millions of dollars in developing more environmentally friendly engines for passenger cars.

The final version of the new rules will be published on November 9. However, a scandal has already broken out around her. For example, the head of Stellantis opposes the introduction of Euro-7 as such, explaining that because of it, engine options will have to be reduced by at least half.

At the same time, other European associations and enterprises believe that it is impossible to soften the economy in favor of car manufacturers. After all, air pollution harms the health of millions of people. Which side the European Commission will take will be known soon.

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