Ioniq 5 will be updated just a year after its debut

Ioniq 5 will be updated just a year after its debut


Hyundai has started preparing the Ioniq 5 SUV for the update. According to ET News, restyling will mainly affect the technical part of the electric car. For example, the Ioniq 5 should receive more capacious batteries that will increase the car’s range by at least 10%.

The current Ioniq 5 is equipped with a 72.6-kilowatt battery pack, but, according to the publication, Hyundai plans to increase its capacity to 77.4 kWh – such batteries are already being installed on the KIA EV6 soplatform model. It is expected that this measure will increase the range of the Ioniq 5 electric car from 423 km declared for the South Korean market to 480-490 km.

In addition, a number of onboard software updates are expected for the Ioniq 5, which will be installed over the air. What exactly they will be, while there is no information: it is planned that the new software will increase the capabilities of multimedia and the complex of driver’s electronic assistants.

The updated Ioniq 5 should appear on the South Korean market in early 2022, that is, just a year after the official debut of the electric crossover. Most likely, such an operational revision is due to the high popularity of the model in the market: Ioniq 5, for example, broke the internal record for the number of pre-orders.

We also advise you to watch a detailed test drive of the Hyundai IONIQ 5 from the FineAuto team:

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