IONIQ 5, you’re just SPACE!

IONIQ 5, you’re just SPACE!


The automotive world with clear brand positioning, in which we now live, has been taking shape for over a century. The processes here proceeded quite slowly: the status of the main market players seemed to be fixed almost forever, and it took decades to change the positioning of brands.

But in 2012, Tesla presented its Tesla Model S liftback. And looking at this event in retrospect, we can safely say that there was some kind of “zeroing”: in the “electric race” brands became equal again.

Although, in fairness, Hyundai had excellent starting positions in this competition. And the South Korean brand saw fit to use it. This is how the IONIQ 5 was born – an electric crossover that sweeps away the traditional notions of status assigned to automakers.

Why did he surprise us so much? We will tell you in our detailed test drive.

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