Ioniq reveals the characteristics of electric cars that have not yet been presented

Ioniq reveals the characteristics of electric cars that have not yet been presented


The new Ioniq brand, which is part of Hyundai, has revealed the first characteristics of its future electric vehicles: the Ioniq 6 sedan and the Ioniq 7 crossover. According to Carscoops, the first novelty will appear in late 2022, and the second in early 2024.

So, the new Ioniq 6 will be an electric “classmate” Hyundai Sonata. The electric vehicle will be based on the eGMP modular platform. There will be only one battery – for 73 kWh, but there will be two options for the power unit. The Ioniq 6 will be powered by one 218 horsepower electric motor or a pair of 313 horsepower. The declared power reserve of the car is more than 480 kilometers.

At the same time, the Ioniq 7 will turn out to be a large 7-seater crossover, comparable to the Hyundai Palisade. For him, only a 2-engine layout with 313 hp was announced. (same as Ioniq 6). But the battery on the crossover will be installed more than on the Ioniq 6, at 100 kWh. Taking into account the greater mass of the Ioniq 7, it should provide approximately the same autonomy: more than 480 kilometers.

Recall that the first model of the South Korean brand Ioniq 5 was presented in February. The size of the electric car is slightly larger than the Hyundai Tucson crossover. The maximum power and range of the Ioniq 5 are the same as those of future cars. In the interior of the new items, not only the rear sofa moving in the range of 135 mm is used, but also the mobile console between the front seats: it can be moved in the range of 140 mm. This electric car can also be brought to.

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